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8 Tips to Make Transfers Easier

The key to independence is learning how to transfer without any help. For many people, however, this can be but the most difficult part of their entire rehabilitation process. People can work for months, even years, and still not achieve independence in transferring. There are however several tools and tips people utilize to finally achieve that independent transfer. Here are some of them below.

8) Hover Lift

Hoyer Lift

While we are all aware of a Hoyer lift, it is still a good product worth mentioning. Many people will eschew Hoyer lifts, as they are of a requirement in many hospitals and living facilities, but they can be incredibly helpful with transfers in the home. Power Hoyer lifts are especially helpful, making transfers seamless.

7) Beasy Board


A transfer board with an extra add-on, a Beasy Board has a disc where your butt goes and this helps your slide along with the board, giving the original design of a transfer board a major upgrade. Learn more: 

6) Step Stool

Step Stool

If you have fallen on the ground or you want to simply transfer from the ground to your wheelchair or a chair, an easy way to get from the ground to a higher area is to use a step stool as a midway point. This can be used in many different ways around the home.

5) Legs Up First

Legs First

Many people like to put their legs up on wherever they are transferring first, for example onto their bed or their car seat before transferring onto it. Since the legs are so heavy, putting them up before the transfer can make the transfer surprisingly easier.

4) Tie/Handle In Reach

Handle in Reach

If you struggle with transferring and do not have triceps, an easy way to make transferring easier is to tie a rope or install a handle near your bed or in your car so that you can hold it to steady yourself/pull yourself in. Using a pull/handle utilizes upper body muscles in an effective way, especially for quadriplegics.

3) Transfer Platforms

Transfer Platform

For people who want to transfer into a truck or anywhere extra high, you can use a transfer platform to put your wheelchair at a higher level. Many people will build one themselves, as they can be hard to purchase. Here's a link to a DIY version

2) Firm Cushion


For many people, their cushion helps with transfers. Try different cushions to see which works best for you. Many people, however, will recommend a firmer question that they can push off on during a transfer, like a Jay cushion.

1) Transfer Sheet

 Transfer Sheet

One of the most inexpensive tools you can buy that can make transferring easier is a transfer sheet. This is a slippery piece of fabric made from silicone you can put on a transfer board or simply on your bed, or wherever you are transferring, to make transferring easier and to protect your skin. Learn more here


Never give up on your quest to become independent in transferring. It is also worth trying every tool on the market. And a bonus tip: Try leaning forward. It can change your center of gravity and help you transfer.


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