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Since the Shepherd Center's root's began with the Shepherd family own personal tragedy, it has become one of the top 10 rehabilitation nonprofit hospitals in the country. Over 500 hospitals in the US refer their patients with spinal cord injuries to Shepherd because of their renowned spinal cord injury rehabilitation program. The program offers everything a spinal cord injured patient could ever need.

From an outdoor therapy pool that’s over 25 yards long, taking advantage of the warm Atlanta, Georgia weather, to their specialized, interdisciplinary team of doctors and therapists, there is a lot to love about the Shepherd Center. Read on to learn why the spinal cord injury rehabilitation program at the Shepherd Center is one of the best.

An Overview

The Shepherd Center serves around 450 people with spinal cord injuries each year. They also have a younger population. The age of 39 is the average age of their patients. If you have a new spinal cord injury, they offer a 10-bed ICU for people who want to begin their rehabilitation as soon as possible. Many people are transferred to the Shepherd Center from around the country because of their reputation for spinal cord injury rehabilitation.

They offer an extensive care team to make sure your rehabilitation outcome is the best possible scenario. As a patient, you will have the following:

- Lead physician with several years experience working with patients with spinal cord injuries

- Case manager

- Exercise specialist

- Recreational therapist

- Dietitian

- Psychologist

- Nurses with SCI experience

- Respiratory therapist

- Speech language pathologist if needed

Their continuum of care is to make sure you reenter your community successfully. This means they not only have excellent inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient therapy, they also offer a day program for people with spinal cord injuries, continued support for people after they've been discharged to ensure they stay healthy, activity-based restorative therapies, a walking program that uses robotics and a community-based fitness and wellness program.

Shepherd wants to make sure that your stay is a success. 99% of people with spinal cord injuries who are were an inpatient at Shepherd said they would recommend the facility to family or friends.

Unique Rehab Offerings

What really makes the Shepherd Center stand out from other spinal cord rehabilitation centers is the variety of its programs. If you have a high spinal cord injury and need to use a ventilator, they have a ventilator weaning program. They also offer extensive family training so family can be prepared for your injury before you return home. They also allow people to stay at the facility longer than most rehabilitation centers, which makes their patients more independent in their daily lives than the national average.

As an inpatient, you'll have access to community outings as well as their extensive recreational therapy and adaptive sport programs. They also have their renowned aquatics program, art therapy, music therapy, as well as a horticultural therapy program that includes a greenhouse. They also offer an animal assisted therapy program with dogs and horses.

Shepherd also understands the importance of peer support. If you are a teen or young adult with a spinal cord injury, they have a program for people of that age group with back to school programming. They also offer driver evaluation training on-site. And if you have any kind of pain, they have an extensive pain management clinic.

The advanced technology available at Shepherd is also better than most rehabilitation centers. They offer extensive walking therapy with both manual and robotic assisted treadmills, dynamic overbroad walking systems, neuroprostheses and exoskeletons. They also have upper body strengthening using robotic technologies. They also offer help home environmental control. In regards to recovery, they offer FES bike therapy, the ZeroG gait training system, Armeo Spring therapy to improve hand and arm movement and BTE Primus to help with functional training.

If you want to view the facility in person, the Shepherd Center welcomes you. They offer both a community tour and a private family tour. They even have an online video tour for anyone out of state that includes patient success stories. You can view the tour here: shepherd.org/video-tour

- Learn more: https://www.shepherd.org/patient-programs/spinal-cord-injury


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