Road-Trip Anyone? Winnebago's New Line of Accessible RVs

A perfectly accessible motorhome that’s available right off a lot with every accessible feature you need has been a dream of wheelchair-users since the inception of the RV. Over the years, tinkering wheelchair-users have modified standard RVs, adding a lift, a roll-in shower, and other ADA features. Finally, Winnebago is getting in on the market.

Finally realizing this is a growing market they should target, Winnebago has announced they have three new "accessibility enhanced" RV models that are part of their new AbilityEquip line. Targeting aging baby boomers as well as people with disabilities young and old, these RVs are sure to appeal to many people with SCI.

The hassle of flying is just too hard to bear for many, from their wheelchairs being damaged by baggage handlers to airlines losing important medical equipment. Many wheelchair-users simply refuse to fly. The risk is too great when it comes to their wheelchair, as it is their legs. Not every state has a great insurance plan for fixing or replacing broken wheelchairs.

Also, the RV lifestyle is appealing to many because of service animals. It's becoming more and more difficult to fly with a service animal, especially if it is something other than a dog. If you have a service animal you love dearly, one of these accessible RVs is a great option. The three new models they're offering have nearly every feature a person with a disability may need. Check them out below:

Intent AEintent_ae

Their base model for their Accessibility Enhanced line, this RV has a powered lift at the back of the vehicle, and you can add a roll-in shower, an adjustable queen-sized bed and wider hallways. This model starts at $202,295.

Adventurer AEadventurer_ae

A more luxurious model, this RV has upgraded features like Corian countertops, as well as all the accessible features that are available in the less expensive model. This model is also 31 feet long, a stronger wheelchair lift and an optional roll-under sink in the bedroom. This model starts at $229,941.

Forza AEforza_ae

A powerful diesel RV, this massive RV is their top of the line accessible model. It is 35 feet long and has a wide roll-in shower that is 34 inches. There's also a large closet in the bedroom and this model as well as an extended dining table. This model starts at $341,124.

Honorable mention goes to Newmar’s line of accessible RVs. Based in Idaho, they are the original manufacturer of accessible RVs available for purchase directly off the assembly line. They offer Braun-powered wheelchair lifts, roll-in showers, wider hallways and much more. Three accessible models are available. Check them out:

For domestic travelers, those dreaming of driving to Mexico, like the Baja or simply to see your brother one state over, an RV gives you everything you need to be comfortable. And that maybe is its greatest pro.

To check out Winnebago’s new AbilityEquip line, click here.

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