Tiger Fish Documentary: Extraordinary Accident. Extraordinary Man.

Why would you return to where your life changed forever?

"Try to picture the worst place on earth to suffer a spinal cord injury. Situated on a tiny, secluded, heavily vegetated island, only accessible by four-wheel-drive then dugout canoe (see photos below) called Bovu on the mighty Zambezi River, Jungle Junction is an incredibly remote and tranquil bush/fishing camp in Zambia.

After fainting from dehydration following a long run and falling backwards off a stool, I became a quadriplegic. Even in the early hours of the morning whilst in intensive care I was planning my recovery and visualizing the opportunity to revisit Jungle Junction, catch the elusive Tiger Fish which had originally lured me to the camp and stride back into the hospital I was currently bed ridden in!

I vividly imagined these moments thousands of times over the next nine years. They were never far from my thoughts or ambitions. What drove me was an obsession with recovery and charging through the physical, medical and emotional roadblocks which stood in my path. It excited me to know that one day I would be prepared to experience and embrace the rawest human emotions that these unique occasions would most definitely deliver.

When I was approached by my oldest and dearest friend, LA based filmmaker Nicole Alexander, to ask if she could share and document these pieces of my life's puzzle… There was no hesitation!

By giving a raw and honest account of my accident, rehabilitation, relationships, challenges and celebrations we dream and hope to inspire and more importantly help anyone facing adversity in their life and educate many others. If we help one person it would be worth it.

The mantra of the documentary is very simple and can translate into anyone's life. We will keep asking the question " What is your Tiger Fish and how can you go catch it?" !!!!" - James Gribble

To read the full story of James’ journey and the Director's Note please visit: https://igg.me/at/tigerfish/x 

The documentary doesn’t just explore James’ journey back to Africa, James gives a brave insight into the daily life of being a quadriplegic, how his unique family and friends recovery method ‘exercise to recovery’ has been revolutionizing rehabilitation centers, physiotherapist, occupational therapists and other spinal chord victims along the way and how James’ unique attitude to life is inspiring others to go catch their own 'Tiger Fish'! And if you want to see if James caught that fish, you will just have to support the film! 

Nicole and James would be very grateful for any support to help fund this extraordinary, hilarious, yet heartwarming film and have set up an IndieGoGo Fundraising campaign to help finance the post production on the documentary. It is their goal to submit the feature length film to major festivals all around the world.

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