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Spinal Cord Injury Journal

Updates and Advancements On Traumatic Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

4 Ways to Cope with a C4 Spinal Cord Injury vs. a C6 Spinal Cord Injury

[fa icon="calendar'] November 29, 2017 / by Spinal Cord Team posted in Cervical Spinal Cord Injury, SCI

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When you’re dealing with a cervical spinal cord injury (SCI), it is serious and potentially deadly. The cervical spinal cord, which consists of C1-C7 vertebrae at the top end of the spinal column in your neck, also contains the C1-C8 spinal nerves. These types of SCIs are the most severe and can affect one or both sides of your body.

Mother Saves Daughter's Life After a Cervical Spine Injury from a Waterslide

[fa icon="calendar'] August 08, 2016 / by Bianca Chadda posted in Caregivers, Accidents, Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

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A brave mother saved the life of her daughter after she was knocked unconscious on a water slide on vacation in Turkey. Her quick-thinking and courageous actions prevented the five-year-old from being paralyzed for the rest of her life.

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