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Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | May 14, 2020

Creative Ways to Find Medical Supplies During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Coronavirus is changing the world, and it's interrupting the way people get their medical supplies. There have been several reports from people ...

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Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | May 09, 2020

SCI & Mental Health During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented time for everyone, including those living with disabilities and those without a disability. Those ...


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Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | May 05, 2020

Overcoming Caregiver Shortages Caused by the Coronavirus

We are in unprecedented times because of the Coronavirus. Many people are being cautious in their personal lives, and this is overflowing into the ...

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Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | May 01, 2020

Wheelchair Repair Amidst the Coronavirus

It is a stressful time right now for many people, and for people with paralysis who have a broken wheelchair, this is especially true. Many ...

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Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | April 28, 2020

SCI & Your Immune System: Eating Healthy During COVID-19

With COVID-19 upon us, as you’ve likely heard, anyone with compromised health needs to be in as good of shape as possible to keep themselves ...

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Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | March 31, 2020

Business Interruption Insurance Claims, Coronavirus, and Claim Denials

The Coronavirus (COVOID-19) emergency has interrupted millions of businesses across the country. Our community is no different from not for profit ...


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Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | March 18, 2020

Coronavirus and Spinal Cord Injuries

As the nation and the rest of the world fight Coronavirus (COVID-19) trying to slow it’s spread an minimize its impact on those at greatest risk ...