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Updates and Advancements On Traumatic Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

How Do Attorneys Calculate the Expected Value of a Personal Injury Claim?

[fa icon="calendar'] January 15, 2018 / by Spinal Cord Team posted in SCI Law, Injury Law, Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer, TBI

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If you have recently suffered a traumatic injury, you may be wondering what the expected value of a personal injury claim can be. There is no simple or one-size-fits-all answer to the question about how much a personal injury claim is worth. Because every case is different and requires the evaluation of variable factors, including the severity of the injury and the laws and regulations of the state in which the injury took place, the short answer is “it depends.”

Calculating Pain and Suffering for Your Traumatic Injury Compensation

[fa icon="calendar'] October 05, 2017 / by Spinal Cord Team posted in Injury Law, Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

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Pain and suffering. Odds are, you’ve heard the term before in personal injury lawyer ads or in TV court dramas. But, if you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury as the result of someone else’s negligent or malicious actions, pain and suffering becomes more than an abstract legal term—it becomes a part of your life.

What to Look for in a Brain Injury Lawyer

[fa icon="calendar'] July 20, 2017 / by Spinal Cord Team posted in SCI Law, Injury Law, SCI, Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury (SCI) can be life-altering events. After major damage to the brain or spinal cord, there are many adjustments to make. However, making these adjustments can be incredibly difficult when you’re also trying to keep up with a court case.

How Truck Driver Logs are Used in Accident Cases

[fa icon="calendar'] December 22, 2016 / by Spinal Cord Team posted in Injury Law, Accidents

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If you have been harmed in an accident involving a truck, when it comes to determining who is responsible, you will need to provide an appropriate amount of relevant evidence. Truck drivers working for commercial companies are required to keep a log for every trip they make, which can be extremely helpful for your case.

My Doctor Paralyzed Me: Medical Malpractice Fact and Fiction

[fa icon="calendar'] November 23, 2016 / by Spinal Cord Team posted in SCI Law, Injury Law, Paralysis

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A diagnosis of paralysis has a life-altering effect on both the patient and his or her loved ones. However, somehow that startling reality is oftentimes made even worse when it is caused by someone that you trusted to provide nothing but the utmost care.

Types of Paralysis That Are Most Common from Medical Malpractice

[fa icon="calendar'] November 22, 2016 / by Spinal Cord Team posted in Injury Law, Paralysis

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Due to the sensitive nature of the spinal cord, any damage it takes can have unpredictable effects on the body. In especially severe cases, this injury may even result in paralysis, but the loss of sensation and/or function in various areas of the body can, of course, arise in other ways as well.

Distracted Driving is Leading to More Car Accident Lawsuits

[fa icon="calendar'] November 18, 2016 / by Spinal Cord Team posted in Injury Law, Accidents, Car Accidents

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Everyday, 8 people are killed in the United States because of car a accident caused by distracted driving. More and more lawsuits are being drawn up based on the damage and injuries that have happened as a result. Distracted driving is exactly what it sounds like. It is when people drive while doing something else at the same time that takes their attention away from the road.

Police Officer, Paralyzed on Duty, Struggles with Medical Costs

[fa icon="calendar'] November 10, 2016 / by Robert Yaniz Jr. posted in SCI Law, Injury Law, Accidents

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Following a spinal cord injury, patients are often left with an uphill battle to reclaim their life from the ravaging their body has endured. The loss of functioning and sensation that typically results from such a devastating incident may make it impossible for many patients to completely recover. 

Yet, all the time we are hearing inspirational stories of strong-willed individuals who have seen dramatic improvement as well as promising medical breakthroughs that bode well for the future research and treatment of spinal cord injuries. However, even for those who have the access and determination to find their way back, there’s still one major obstacle standing in the way of those affected by severe spinal cord damage: the overwhelming medical expenses.

The Role of Your Attorney in a Brain or Spinal Cord Injury Case

[fa icon="calendar'] October 31, 2016 / by Robert Yaniz Jr. posted in Brain Injury, SCI Law, Injury Law

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Whenever a spinal cord or brain injury strikes, it’s not surprising for both the individual affected and those who care about him or her to be in shock over the incident. After all, despite the all-too-common causes that often result in such tragic circumstances, no one ever thinks something so harrowing and unexpected could happen to them. Once it actually does, a flood of considerations are liable to rush to the surface, most notably the well-being of the patient in question.

The Value of a Spinal Cord Compensation Claim

[fa icon="calendar'] October 11, 2016 / by Spinal Cord Team posted in SCI Law, Injury Law

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Spinal cord injuries are devastating. Whether it happened from an accident, a fall, or another cause, the costs of the medical bills can be massive and incredibly overwhelming. If you or your loved one has unfortunately found yourself in this position, it is quite possible you may be able to file a lawsuit to get compensation coverage for your injuries and losses.

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