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Todd suffered a brain and spinal cord injury, along with other traumatic injuries when his motorcycle crashed. His recovery and the case's outcome are impactful testaments to how Swope, Rodante P.A. can assist you in your financial and emotional recovery.

Life would probably be very hard if we hadn’t gotten an attorney. I don’t know how financially or physically Todd would be able to do any of the things that he’s able to do today.

- Tricia Cabral, Todd's wife

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Experiencing a serious spinal cord injury is simply a terrifying possibility for most people, and yet sadly, approximately 276,000 individuals in the U.S. are currently facing the devastating aftermath of just such an event. Along with the brain, the spinal cord comprises a key part of the body’s central nervous system, which governs the body’s activities via nerve tissue, sending messages throughout the body.

Any number of causes could result in a debilitating injury to this critical part of the body, but when responsibility falls on a particular person or organization, the time comes to act.

While many spinal cord injuries lead to paralysis or death, even incidents that produce less severe damage can adversely affect a patient’s quality of life going forward. Falls, motor vehicle accidents, assaults, blunt force trauma and other causes often result in reduced mobility and permanent pain for those affected, and in some cases, the full effects on the body may take years to truly come to fruition. Moreover, the medical expenses necessary to address such extensive damage can have startling repercussions on your finances.

According to recent research, patients who fall victim to severe spinal cord injuries end up paying an average of more than $1 million during their first year of medical care, followed by close to $200,000 in medical expenses each subsequent year. These astronomical figures are far beyond the budgetary reaches of most people and could have a lasting financial impact that most will never fully recover from.

In the event that your injury may be the consequence of another’s actions, there’s no reason you should suffer any more for your condition than you already are.

That’s why you need a spinal cord injury lawyer you can trust to guide you through the process of seeking justice for the harm inflicted on you. Because of the delicate nature of the brain and spinal cord, this area of the law requires more detailed attention than other personal injury cases.

Liability can typically be traced back to either personal negligence (e.g., a careless driver who slams into your vehicle) or faulty products (e.g., a failed brake line that results in a collision). However, the exact nature of what constitutes a legal breach often varies by state, making it difficult to ascertain the validity of your case without an experienced professional directly involved.

Our spinal cord and brain injury lawyers are standing by to explore your case and help you determine the extent to which you can receive relief from your financial burden. Every moment you wait could bring you one step further away from resolving your situation once and for all.

In addition, each state has its own distinct statute of limitations regarding when a personal injury suit can be filed. So don’t delay and risk missing your window of opportunity. Reach out to us today, and together we’ll assess your specific situation.

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