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Do You Know How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney in Florida?

In a perfect world, no one would ever need to deal with the hassle of a personal injury case. Unfortunately, it isn’t a perfect world. Every day, people suffer accidents or acts of violence that cause spinal cord injuries (SCIs), traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), or other long-lasting and severe conditions.

These injuries often require extremely expensive medical care to prevent death—not to mention extensive modifications to one’s home to accommodate their new needs. On top of that, SCIs and TBIs can prevent survivors from being able to earn a living like they could before. With the combination of increased expenses and limited income, it is often necessary to file a personal injury claim to recoup lost income and cover the cost of care.

However, filing a personal injury case in Florida can be a long and complicated process. This is why many SCI and TBI survivors rely on a Florida lawyer to help them file their claim and argue their case in court if necessary. However, finding the right personal injury attorney in Florida can be tough. There are many different legal firms to choose from in Tampa alone—and not just any lawyer will do. You need to partner with a Tampa accident attorney who has both the will to fight for justice on your behalf and the skills to back up that willingness to fight.

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How Can I Choose a Tampa Accident Attorney?

When choosing a personal injury attorney in Florida, it’s important to remember a few things:


A Personal Injury Attorney Will Not and Cannot Guarantee Results.

Personal injury lawyers cannot guarantee their results—partly because there are too many variables and partly because they’re legally blocked from making such assertions. If a Florida lawyer is saying they’ll guarantee results, that could be a warning sign.


Check the Attorney’s Track Record.

While past case results don’t guarantee that the attorney will succeed in your own personal injury claim, they can provide you with evidence of how experienced and reliable the attorney’s firm is. If the Tampa lawyer you’re looking at has a long history of successful cases, including personal injury claims that have gone to trial, that can be a good sign that they’re ready and able to fight for you.


Look for References from the Attorney’s Other Clients.

Results are just one part of the equation—it’s also important to know how well the attorney will work with you throughout your personal injury claim. Will they keep in touch regularly so you always know what’s going on with your case, or will they leave you in the dark for months at a time? While you might not need to know about every motion filed, it is important for your attorney to keep you aware of major developments such as settlement offers (and why you should or shouldn’t consider them). Checking with the attorney’s other clients will give you an idea of how the relationship between you will work.

While you could do an online search for a “personal injury lawyer in Florida” and just go with the top result, this is a major decision that needs careful thought and effort.