There are a number of local and national advocacy groups with various goals from creating legislation to hosting fundraising events. These groups may also offer different ways to support the community—it is up to you to determine what you are comfortable committing to. If you would like your group to be featured on, please reach out to discuss your group and cause.

Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury Advocacy Groups

Unite 2 Fight Paralysis

Unite 2 Fight Paralysis is a grassroots effort led by survivors and family members who are fighting for a cure. The group brings together stakeholders—including the paralysis community, charitable foundations, and researchers. The organization has recently expanded its efforts to include lobbying state governments for support, assisting smaller groups with a scientific review board, and helping to organize fundraising efforts for runner/rollers participating in charitable events. Learn more about Unite 2 Flight Paralysis here.

Save the Cord Foundation

The stem cells in cord blood are critical to regenerative medicine and the clinical trials conducted by leading researchers such as Dr. Wise Young and Dr. Charles Cox with the potential to treat spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. Save the Cord Foundation is a non-profit group which promotes awareness and education of the public regarding this valuable medical resource as well as information about public donation programs and family cord blood banks around the world.

PSINK Consortium

The PSINK consortium develops a system capable of automatic information extraction from scientific publications in the SCI domain. We use artificial intelligence techniques, machine learning and semantic computing to extract and structure published information on experimental SCI therapies in an open database which will be accessible to researchers, clinicians, patients, funding organizations and charities as well as companies and regulatory and approving authorities for clinical trials.