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Brain Injury Treatment

Tampa Brain Lab

This comprehensive therapy center has the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment equipment providing traumatic brain injury survivors the best chance at improving their quality of life. Using Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) and other tests will help identify the brain functioning in order to precisely develop a treatment plan. Scientifically based therapies are available on-site to restore brain functioning and quality of life. Some of these therapies may include Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Alpha Stimulation, Hyperbaric Chambers, Virtual Reality Therapy, and Vestibular Therapies. The therapy protocol will require patients to be at the office for a full 5 days.

The Brain Lab is led by Dr. Surbhi Jain, MD an in-house Neurosurgeon who previously served as the Director of Brain mapping and Image-guided Neurosurgery research at the prestigious Moffitt Cancer Center. Dr. Kent Sabatose, Chiropractic Neurologist helps guide patients through the therapy program on a daily basis. Dr. Sabatose and Dr. Jain are dedicated to helping patients restore their quality of life.

  • Contact:
  • Justin Trieu
  • Address:
  • 3030 N. Rocky Point Dr W. Suite 665
  • City/State:
  • Tampa, FL
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