“Best Of” Awards

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As a leading voice for survivors and families facing spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries, as well as one of the world’s largest providers of resources to the SCI community, Spinalcord.com is proud to present the SpinalCord.com’s “Best Of” Awards. These awards recognize and celebrate excellence in the specialty of each recipient in each category.


How are organizations nominated?
Throughout the last year members of the SCI community, the general public, and various organizations submitted nominations for each category. Now, SpinalCord.com will begin accepting nominations in additional categories in 2023. To nominate an organization for consideration please complete the form on this page.
How are the winners selected?
The credentials of each nominee are carefully considered by the SpinalCord.com team and our contributors. While the methodology differs by category, considerations may include reputation, customer service, expertise, longevity, and access. Each brand and organization shares a favorable consumer or community rating.
Who are SpinalCord.com’s voting contributors?
Voting contributors include SCI survivors, caretakers, advocates, and family members, as well as physicians, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, researchers, attorneys, and many others who each have differing experiences with SCI and bring a unique perspective to the subject.
Can organizations pay to get a SpinalCord.com “Best of” Award?
No. Only organizations that meet the SpinalCord.com standards of trust within the Spinal Cord Injury community will be considered and only those who excel within their category will be recognized as a Best Of Award winner. The awards are not a form of advertising and therefore cannot be purchased.
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We welcome the extra attention you would bring to these awards of achievement. You can view our press release here for more information.