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Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | March 31, 2020

Business Interruption Insurance Claims, Coronavirus, and Claim Denials

The Coronavirus (COVOID-19) emergency has interrupted millions of businesses across the country. Our community is no different from not for profit ...

Topics: Spinal Cord Injuries , Spinal Cord , coronavirus
Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | March 18, 2020

Coronavirus and Spinal Cord Injuries

As the nation and the rest of the world fight Coronavirus (COVID-19) trying to slow it’s spread an minimize its impact on those at greatest risk ...


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Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | March 16, 2020

SpinalCord’s YouTube Channel -  Another Great Source for Valuable Information

To all of our amazing followers who loyally read this blog, we thank you very much. Your support means a lot to us here at Spinal Cord, and we ...

Topics: Spinal Cord Injury , Support Groups , Emotional Support
Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | March 10, 2020

Benefits of SCI Support Groups and How to Find Them

Very frequently, I hear from spinal cord injury survivors that they don’t even know what to ask about, in terms of advice, because they’ve never been ...

Topics: Spinal Cord Injury , Stem Cell Therapy , Stem Cell Research , Clinical trials
Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | March 07, 2020

Stem Cell Therapies for Spinal Cord Injuries

If you've suffered a spinal cord injury, it is only natural for you to search out the latest breakthroughs in medicine and technology to find a ...

Topics: Brain Injuries , Brain lobes , brain lobes and functions , parietal lobe damage , frontal lobe damage
Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | February 29, 2020

How Damage to the Frontal and Parietal Lobes Affects the Body

The brain is the motherboard of the body. Any damage that occurs to the frontal lobe and parietal lobe will affect the rest of the body in various ...


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Topics: Spinal Cord Injury , Complications , heterotopic ossification
Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | February 26, 2020

Secondary SCI Conditions: Heterotopic Ossification (HO)

Out of all of the secondary conditions that can occur after a spinal cord injury, one of the lesser-known is Heterotopic Ossification (HO). Abnormal ...

Topics: Brain Injury , Hypoxia , Causes of Hypoxia , Hypoxia Treatment
Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | February 22, 2020

Understanding Hypoxia After A Brain Injury

When the brain is deprived of oxygen in a brain injury, a condition called Hypoxia will develop, which can cause brain damage, as well as several ...

Topics: Spinal Cord Injury , Skydiving , Quadriplegic , Paraplegia , Indoor Skydiving
Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | February 21, 2020

Adaptive Skydiving 101: Why, How, and Where

Since the dawn of aviation, humans have been fascinated by parachuting, and by the 1950s, recreational skydiving had arrived. It took several decades ...

Topics: Spinal Cord Injury , handicap accessible homes , Handicap Accessible , Overbed Table
Vincent Dolan
Vincent Dolan | February 19, 2020

Personal Overbed Table For People With SCI

Every once in a while, something comes along that is so perfectly suited to the job it’s designed to do… that we stop to ask ourselves: “Why hasn’t ...