About the Authors

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The authors at SpinalCord.com come from diverse backgrounds including doctors, attorneys, medical journalist, and survivors of spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries. Each author brings with them different experiences and expertise which when combined provide clinically accurate information which is useful to all individuals in the spinal cord and traumatic brain injury communities. Within the content you will find citations to medical journals, scientific research, as well as national and local resources to provide immediate support to families in need of assistance. Content is reviewed and updated regularly with changes in the clinical guidelines, new resources, and fresh ways to understand the content such as videos and infographics. 

Vincent Dolan

B.S., J.D.
Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Expert, Attorney

Vincent counsels individuals and families who have experienced a spinal cord injury on a variety of topics based on their individual needs. He has researched and compiled hundreds of resources related to spinal cord injuries including; support groups, activity based therapy centers, rehabilitation hospitals, medical research such as stem cell therapy, and dozens of other topics related to improving the quality of life after an injury. Vincent volunteers on the Board of Directors for NextStep Orlando Paralysis Recovery Center and presents to SCI support groups across the country. He holds his J.D. from Seton Hall University and B.S. from the University of Massachusetts.

Joseph Krainin


Dr. Joseph Krainin graduated from Amherst College with honors. He earned his medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA. Dr. Krainin completed his fellowship in Sleep Medicine at Michael S Aldrich Sleep Disorder Center of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is double board certified in Sleep Medicine and Neurology. He has since been elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine due to his significant contributions on the topic. Dr. Krainin is also the founder and president of the Singular Sleep LLC where their goal is to help empower people to take control of their health by getting better sleep.

Richard Senelick


Dr. Senelick is the Editor in Chief of Encompass Health Press, one of the largest providers of post-acute healthcare services. A neurologist, he is one of the leading experts on neurorehabilitation with more than 15 nonfiction books on the topic. Dr. Senelick dedicated himself to the lives of the disabled and the growing need to educate not only the patients but for the caretakers as well. He was the Medical Director of HealthSouth RIOSA in San Antonio from 1986 until 2016.

Becoming the Editor in Chief of Encompass Health Press has taken Dr Senelick on a journey to advocate and educate those people who have a disability. On this journey he has given speeches on an international scale, published articles and has written numerous books all of which have expressed the need to provide treatment, resources and respect to the disabled community and their loved ones. HealthSouth offers both facilities based and home-based acute services to clients.

Kristen Collins

B.A. , J.D.

Kristen Collins is a former attorney at Swope, Rodante PA. Attorney Collins supports the spinal cord community and those of disabilities by advocating for them both in the courtroom as well as in the community. While in law school, Ms. Collins clerked with a prestigious law firm in Atlanta, Georgia, the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, and the ACLU of Georgia. While clerking she advocated for those with disabilities and strived to help those who needed it most. She has been actively involved in Push Nation which is an annual Florida event designed to bring together and empower all members of the paralysis community.

Tiffiny Carlson

Spinal Cord Injury Expert

She is the executive Director for SPINALpedia.com and was also a columnist for the New Mobility magazine from 2003-2017. She is a well-known and well-respected SCI Life columnist. She has been published in a wide range of different media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Nerve.com, United Spinal, Kids on Wheels and The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Tiffiny has also been published in Penthouse, Playgirl and on Nerve.com for her knowledge in disability and sexuality. In her free time, she hosts her own podcast which can be found on iTunes called Life After Paralysis. Tiffiny also enjoys mentoring newly injured women. Tiffiny was involved in an accident in 1993 that resulted in her becoming a C6 level quadriplegic.

Mason Ellis

Spinal Cord Injury Expert

Mason is well known throughout the spinal cord community for sharing tips and techniques on all matters of daily living after a spinal cord injury. Mason's content informs and inspires his large audience of followers on social media. He relies on his own life experiences after he sustained a C5 C7 injury in 2015 which resulted in his quadriplegia. Mason is a graduate of Vincennes University where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology.

Amanda Perla

Spinal Cord Injury Expert

Amanda is an ambassador for NextStep Orlando Paralysis Recovery center. She is also the scheduling coordinator as well as lead director of social media for NextStep. In 2007 Amanda was involved in a motor vehicle accident which resulted in a broken neck and left her paralyzed from the chest down at the C-6 level. After her accident Amanda realized a lot of the focus was helping her to adapt to her new wheelchair with little focus on working with her legs. Amanda and her mom, Liza, after some further research traveled to NextStep in Los Angeles. They were pleased to see the level of care an attention that was given to Amanda and had her standing on their first visit. Liza worked closely with NextStep in order to get a location in Orlando. Their dream soon became a reality. Now Amanda and 75 different clients, from across the world, are growing strong every day at NextStep Orlando Paralysis Recovery Center. She takes pride in making a difference in other people lives who have suffered similar injuries.

Carley Dole

Traumatic Brain Injury Expert

Carley Dole regularly speaks about Traumatic Brain injuries and how individuals can overcome them. Carley spreads awareness on the effects these injuries can cause not only the individuals themselves but their families as well. She shares this knowledge through her blogs as well as interacting with the TBI community. Carley founded her own graphic design company Open Mind & Designs, https://www.openmindanddesigns.com/ after overcoming her own traumatic brain injury. Carley has a passion for creativity and positively impacting the community around her.

Zawn Villines

Medical Journalist

Zawn is a writer who specializes in legal and medical content, blogging and print based journalism. She has been writing for over 10 years. Zawn writes for genomics companies, science researchers, medical providers, law firms, educators, hospitals as well as consumer information sites. She covers a wide variety of topics such as medicine, relationships, sexual health and general health. Also published daily on mental health news and science on GoodTherapy.org. Zawn is the founder of Georgia Birth Advocacy Coalition which is committed to changing Georgia's birth culture by expanding birth options and educating people on their birthing rights. Zawn relies on her previous experiences to offer compelling research and a highly knowledgeable outlook on a variety of topics.

Bianca Chadda

Healthcare Journalist

Bianca works as a healthcare assistant for a mental health clinic. With a BA in Human Geography, and experience of both print and online editorial, she has quite a passion for writing. Bianca has extensive knowledge of academic research for editorial purposes. She continues to educate the healthcare community on a wide variety of topics by applying her knowledge to the healthcare industry.

Robert Yaniz Jr.


Initially sought out a career in Medicine. After obtaining a degree in Professional and Technical Writing from the University of South Florida he went on to be a professional writer for 27 years. In his 27 years of writing Robert has contributed to both online and print based publications. He builds articles as well as interviews on the subject matter. Robert's experience also includes working in the marketing and communications department for a global law firm.

Jeff Kinney

B.S., J.D.
Founder of Thrive with Paralysis

Meet Jeff Kinney, a blogger providing a unique perspective on spinal cord injuries. A journalist and attorney with spina bifida, Jeff transforms challenges into triumphs. Through his blog, Thrive With Paralysis, he delivers expert advice on living your best life despite disabilities. With three weekly posts spanning health, recreation, relationships, life skills, and cutting-edge news, Jeff's journalistic prowess shines. Dive into in-depth articles on workouts, college, and adaptive tech. Jeff's unique lens captures not just inspiration but practical insights from those who've conquered obstacles. Beyond the blog, Jeff, an outdoor enthusiast, balances family, work, and a love for adaptive sports, pushing boundaries with activities like handcycling, scuba diving, and more. Join Jeff as he shares insights with our audience on SpinalCord.com for a journey of empowerment and shared knowledge, then be sure to read his full catalogue on Thrive With paralysis.

Desiree Martinez

B.S. Communications (Undergraduate)

Desiree is currently pursuing her education in Communications. She has a unique insight and a love for the spinal cord injury community as she was raised by a quadriplegic mother and grew up around many other survivors. Desiree has also spent time volunteering at CORE, an Activity Based Training Center for SCI, and with Oceans of Hope, a nonprofit adaptive surf program.

Her hope is to support spinalcord.com by raising awareness and fostering meaningful connections. Desiree is excited to explore a variety of subjects in an effort to push spinalcord.com readers to live their best, healthy and happy lives.