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Neurologists specialize in brain health, including the management of brain injuries and neurological symptoms such as memory loss and confusion. Many brain injury survivors use a neurologist as their primary point of care, since neurologists' in-depth knowledge of brain functioning affords them keen insight into which specialists a patient might need to use.

Within the field of neurology, there are numerous sub-disciplines, so two neurologists at the same practice might specialize in vastly different issues. Neuropsychiatrists, for instance, specialize in psychiatric issues related to brain injuries or disorders, while neuro-ophthamologists specialize in neurological issues affecting the eye.

Select a neurologist who has experience treating your specific cluster of symptoms. Some questions to ask include:

  • Do you have a particular neurological specialty?
  • How many patients like me have you treated?
  • Are there any neurological issues which you are not equipped to treat?
  • Can I use you as my primary care coordinator?

Neurologists Directory

  • The American Academy of Neurology provides a comprehensive search tool that allows you to search by specialty and location.
    • All neurologists in the directory are current AAN members, which means they have met a number of rigorous standards demonstrating their experience and competence at treating neurological issues.