We are proud to contribute to scientific and medical research around the United States and the world. In addition to working directly with those impacted by catastrophic injuries we feel we can further contribute to their futures by sharing our information with others in both academic and professional settings.

The organizations and websites listed below cite SpinalCord.com when writing scholarly articles. We have included some general information about the research but encourage you to read more about those articles which are of importance to you. If you would like a research paper or article which cites SpinalCord.com to be added to this list please contact support@spinalcord.com.


Publication  Title of Research Article Authors Link
Professional Case Management  Managing the Cost of Catastrophic Injuries: The Difficult Decisions That Professional Case Managers Make Mark Evans MA, CCM, CLCP, CRC, CBIS Visit Link
Association for Computing Machinery RehabPhone: a software-defined tool using 3D printing and Smartphones for personalized home-based rehabilitation Hanbin Zhang, Gabriel Guo, Emry Comstock, Biacheng Chen Xingyu Chen, Chen Song, Jerry Ajay, Jeanne Langan, Sutanuka Bhattacharjya, Lora A Cavuto, Wenyao Xu Visit Link
China National Knowledge Infrastrucutre (CNKI) Discussion on a prblem in Gynecologic Oncology: Bone metastases Geng Yi, Sun Jianheng, Jiang Sen Visit Link
Springer Research  Evaluation of Leap Motion Controller Usability in Development of Hand Gesture Recognition for Hemiplegia Patients Wan Norilyana, Wan Azlan, Wan Nushazwani, Wan Zakaria, Nurmiza Othman, Mohd Norzali, Haj Mohd, Muhammad Nurfirdaus, Abd Ghani Visit Link
NeuroBiology Vision (in humans), Human Eye Jacek Halicki Visit Link
IOPscience Study of Electroencephalogram Pattern from Eye Response to Flickering Light Meda C. Firtriani, Siti N. Khotimah, Freddy Haryanto Visit Link
Future Science Leaders Development of an EOG Classification System for SCI Prosthetic Hand Movement Mohamed Fawzan Hussain Visit Link
McMaster University What is a spinal cord injury? Manveer Singh, Emma Hudson, Patricia Kitala and Shahriar Ameri Visit Link
Rowan Bioengineering Scholars Optimizing Active Hand Function In Patients With Cervical Spinal Cord Injury Riddhi Gandhi Visit Link
Pices Journal A survey on assistive technologies for a paralysed Shreya Manjunath, Sowmya V, Shwetha S M Visit Link
Springer Link Identify Subconscious Visual Response from Brain Signals H. T. M. A. Riyadh, Jahangir Hossain Bhuyain, Zehara Zebin, Khandaker Tabin Hasan, A. Z. M. Ehtesham Chowdhury Visit Link
Thesis Commons Investigation into Aphantasia: Neurological, Functional, and Behavioral Correlates Olivia F. Tween Visit Link
ScienceDirect Automated system for the detection of thoracolumbar fractures using a CNN architecture U.Raghavendraa, N.Shyamasunder Bhat, Anjan Gudigara, U. Rajendra Acharyacde Visit Link
Journal of Restorative Medicine The Crucial Role of Oxygen for Health Chris D. Meletis, Kimberly Wilkes Visit Link
International Journal of Childbirth Education Challenges of Motherhood with Physical Disabilities  Maria A. Revell Visit Link
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer Comparing the Use of Single Versus Multiple Combined Abilities in Conducting Complex Computer Tasks Hands-Free Md Nazmus Sahadat, Arish Alreja, Nima Mikail, Maysam Ghovanloo Visit Link
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer Design and Implementation of Smart Wheelchair for Quadriplegia patients using IOT Umang Garg, Kamal Kumar Ghanshala, R.C Joshi, Rahul Chauhan Visit Link
De Gruyter Responsible use of exoskeletons and exosuits: Ensuring domestic security in a European context Saheli Datta Burton Visit Link
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering Developing A Sensor Based Alerting System For Stroke Patients's Safety Mritha Ramalingam, R. Puviarasi, Elanchezhian Chinnavan, Nur Sofea Iznie Binti Johan Visit Link
Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering Development of Portable Hand Exoskeleton Robot Capable of Hand Muscle Strength Assist and Pinch Operation of Paralyzed Patients Seung Chan Lee, Da Yeon Lee, Nam Ju Kim,  Seung Hoon Hwang, Dong Bin Shin, Chang Soo Han Visit Link
Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet Experiences of living with traumatic spinal cord injury : A literature review Johanna Berglund, Maria Nygren Engin Visit Link
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina Application of Machine Learning Techniques for the Classification of Lower Back Pain in Human Body Shubham Sharma, Saskatchewan Regina Visit Link
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer Social Human-Robot Interaction for Gait Rehabilitation Nathalia Céspedes, Marcela Múnera, Catalina Gómez, Carlos A. Cifuentes Visit Link
Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University Recovery of Biopsychosocial Functions Following 15 Years after Spinal Aušra Adomavičienė, Aurelija Šidlauskienė*, Juozas Raistenskis Visit Link
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Augmented Reality Stationary Platform Controlled by Image Processing Interface Ardila Bernal, Pablo Andres Visit Link
ScienceDirect Economic and social challenges faced by injured artisanal and small-scale gold miners in Kenya Michael Mayom Ajith, Apurna Kumar Ghosh Visit Link
Duke University Characterization of a TrkB-derived Phosphopeptide Inhibitor of PLCγ1 Chin Huat Tan Visit Link
BME Design Electrode Array for Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation after Spinal Cord Injury Leo Steiner, Adrian Omidfar, Lauren Rohr, Spencer Averbeck, Angela Houghtaling and Maïsha Kasole Visit Link
Association for Computing Machinery Tricks and Treats: Designing Technology to Support Mobility Assistance Dogs Charlotte L Robinson, Emeline Brule, James  Jackson, Alice  Torjussen, Joshua T Kybett, Tom  Appshaw  Visit Link
Thomas Jefferson University Appendix 10: Neurotechnology Descriptions Namrata Grampurohit Visit Link
ScienceDirect Electroencephalogram based communication system for locked in state person using mentally spelled tasks with optimized network model Xu Xiaoxiao, Luo Bin, S. Ramkumar, S. Saravanan, M. Sundar Prakash Balaji, S. Dhanasekaran, J. Thimmiaraja Visit Link
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer RoboGlove: Design of a Tendon-Driven Robotic Glove with Differential Mechanisms Mehran Abbasi,  S. Ali A. Moosavian Visit Link
Theseus Functional ability development of the upper extremity with mirror therapy for stroke patients with hemiplegia  Lukas Nicolas Manamangas Visit Link
Springer Link Intelligent Functional Electrical Stimulation Marian-Silviu Poboroniuc, Dănuţ-Constantin Irimia Visit Link
African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Threading Entrepreneurship Through the Design Process in Technology Education Adri Du Toit Visit Link
Association for Computing Machinery Applying Ability-Based Design Principles to Adaptive Outdoor Activities Ahmad Alsaleem, Ross Imburgia, Andew Merryweather, Jeffrey Rosenbluth, Stephen Trapp, Jason Weise Visit Link
Univerzita Karlova The Significance of Occupational Therapy in the Case of Male Sexual Dysfunction with a Cervical Spinal Cord Injury Adéla Krahulcová Visit Link
University of Maryland, Baltimore County, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing Development of a Universal Hand Assist Tool for Patients with Reduced Upper Extremity Mobility Resulting from Cervical Spinal Cord Injury Jarod Chrystopher Horn Visit Link
Charles University The Consequences of an Inappropriate Transfer of People with Paraplegia from the Viewpoint of Occupational Therapists with the Focus on the Shoulder Joint. Subtitle:The Appropriate Way of Transfer of People with Paraplegia Klára Šťastná Visit Link
Washington State University Conversation With A Neuron Dr. Allison Coffin Visit Link
Hein Online Abolishing the Suicide Rule Alex B. Long Visit Link
ProQuest Relationship between Bilingualism and the Development of Soft Skills Dora L. Jung Visit Link
Univerzita Karlova Alternative Computer Access for the People after Spinal Cord Injury in Area C5. Subtitle: Using of the Program MyVoice and MyDictate Simona Žúborová Visit Link
School of Health and Welfare The experience of living with chronic neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury : A literature review (English) Alva Holmstedt, Lundstedt Hanna Visit Link
Universidad FASTA Estado nutricional y hábitos alimentarios en personas parapléjicas Maria Paula Viejo Visit Link
Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta Possibilities of maintaining previous life style after spinal cord injury with permanent live-in personal assistance Andrea Preclíková Visit Link
Univerzita Karlova, 1. lékařská fakulta Functional Hand and Wrist Examination of Spinal Cord Injury People with Tetraplegia Michaela Partišová Visit Link
NTNU Kjørebrille for elektrisk rullestol Thingbø, Harald, Mehwish A. Awan, Monika S. Bakkehaug  Visit Link
Research Repository Promoting Cognitive and Fine Motor Development in the Art Room for Young Students with Exposure to Trauma: an Exploratory Case Study. Tiffany Marie Minuci Visit Link
University College London Electromyogram Interference Reduction In Neural Signal Recording Using Simple RC Compensation Circuits Syeda Sabeeka Zehra Visit Link
Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta tělesné výchovy a sportu Case study of physiotherapeutic treatment of a patient with left-handed hemiparesis. Kristýna Malá Visit Link
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer Semi-Autonomous Tongue Control of an Assistive Robotic Arm for Individuals with Quadriplegia Max Hildebrand, Frederik Bonde, Rasmus Vedel Nonboe Kobborg, Christian Andersen, Andreas Flem Norman, Andreas Flem Norman, Stefan Hein Bengtson, Strahinja Dosen, Lotte N. S. Andreasen Struijk Visit Link
Oncology Issues The Expanding Role of Physician Assistants in an Oncology Practice Lisa Schnabel, Julie Solley Visit Link