11 Last Minute Gift Ideas for People with Spinal Cord Injuries

Christmas Day may be one week away, but there's still time to get gifts for your loved one with a spinal cord injury. While no one who uses a wheelchair or has a SCI is exactly the same, there are similar mobility needs that many can relate to, which our gifts encompass below. And to ensure these gifts arrive before Christmas, all of these gifts can be purchased on Amazon Prime.

Christmas Gifts Under a Christmas Tree

Amazon Echo Dot

If you're looking for more independence at home, nothing can be more helpful than the Amazon Echo Dot, the extremely popular device that listens to voice commands to complete various tasks in the home, from turning on the lights to turning the channel on the TV. The Amazon Echo Dot can also search the Internet, tell you the weather, the time and much much more. For people with spinal cord injuries who need help with various tasks, the Amazon Echo Dot is truly empowering. https://www.amazon.com/All-New-release-Smart-speaker-Charcoal/dp/B09B8V1LZ3/ref=sr_1_1?crid=CCDNROTAXMCZ&keywords=amazon+echo&qid=1702771063&sprefix=amazon+echo%2Caps%2C130&sr=8-1


Adaptive Clothes

There are more manufacturers than ever before making adaptive clothing and one of the biggest is Tommy Hilfiger. Their adaptive line - Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive - can be found on Amazon, and many of their items from pants and tops to jackets are up to 50% off and include adaptive features such as magnetic closures and adjustable waistlines. Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive makes clothing for men, women and children. JCPenney also sells adaptive clothing as part of their Inclusive by Design line. These reasonably priced clothing items are available for pickup at many JCPenny Stores across the country and can be ordered for pickup just in time for the holidays. https://www.amazon.com/Tommy-Hilfiger-Adaptive-Magnetic-Signature/dp/B07MWWCZW5/ref=sr_1_15?crid=1LI1SKIUL6MK3&keywords=adaptive+clothing+tommy&qid=1702770679&sprefix=adaptive+clothing+tommy%2Caps%2C122&sr=8-15


Neck Warmer

For many people with spinal cord injuries, they can get cold easily. One of the best things to help someone quickly feel warm, especially someone with quadriplegia, is a microwavable neck warmer. These are inexpensive, can be warmed up in the microwave within 1 to 2 minutesa and the luxuriating warmth can be extremely therapeutic for people with spinal cord injuries. Many people who get cold easily say this is one of the best items for helping them feel warm.



Massage Gun

People with spinal cord injuries tend to overuse their upper body muscles, leading to sore and knotted muscles that can be debilitating. While traditional massage can help, an amazing substitute is a massage gun, which millions of people claim as one of the best massage substitutes ever. To use, you can either use it yourself or you can have assistance (especially if you need help with the trigger due to paralyzed fingers). This gun can completely undo knots and relieve upper body muscular tension without the help of a professional massage therapist.



Smart Light Bulbs

If you are in need of assistance with turning your lights on and off, a smart light bulb is a great solution. And the Linkind Matter Smart Light Bulbs is a reputable option for a smart light bulb, as it works with Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings and Siri and is controlled via a phone app. Smart light bulbs have a variety of abilities like lasting over 20 years and being able to change colors. These particular smarts light bulbs also have a wakeup mode so that the bulb changes color automatically, simulating the sun from dusk to dawn.



Bicycle Flashing Light

Whether you use a manual or power wheelchair, if you plan on going out at night having safety precautions is a must and that includes having a bicycle flashing light that can be adhered to the back of your wheelchair to alert cars you are nearby. These flashing lights have saved many lives over the years and are inexpensive. A great investment in personal safety.



Wheelchair Umbrella Holder

For those who live in rainy climates, a wheelchair umbrella holder is an absolute must. Sometimes having something as simple as an umbrella holder can make the most impact on daily independence. Simply clamp it onto the wheelchair frame and it can hold most umbrellas.



Adaptive Video Game Tech

For anyone with quadriplegia, traditional video game controllers are impossible to use. The Microsoft Xbox controller that debuted in 2019 has changed thousands of lives, enabling people with limited hand function to play the Xbox. This controller is available for pickup or delivery from Best Buy and is $99. And if you are a PlayStation 5 fan, they have an adaptive controller as well called their Access Controller and it's available on Amazon for $89.



Clip-On Phone Stand

For any quadriplegic with limited handed arm function, a clip-on phone stand with an adjustable gooseneck is a great item that enables independent phone use. Simply clamp the phone stand onto your wheelchair and turn the phone facing you, and you have one of the best phone holders around for wheelchair users. This can be a great for watching movies and videos as well. Before purchasing, make sure your phone is compatible with this device.



Magnetic Tip Grabber

We all have heard of reachers but a magnetic tip grabber takes reachers to the next level thanks to their ability to grab items from the floor that have metal in them thanks to the magnetic tip. This can be a great item if something has fallen in a hard-to-reach place. Even with limited hand function, this grabber is still useable thanks to the magnetized tip.



LED Wheel Lights

For those days you want to snazz up your wheelchair, you can’t go wrong with a pair of LED wheel lights. These inexpensive lights include a battery pack and can be changed to nearly any color you desire. A great idea for the holidays or for any kind of festivities.



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