7 SCI Interabled Couples to Follow


There is a new term in the world of relationships and disability, and that is "interabled." This means a person without a disability and a person with a disability being together, this term helps shine a spotlight on these unique couples and there are thousands of inspiring interabled couples across the world sharing their stories online. We have found 7 of our favorite interabled couples with spinal cord injuries. Check them out below.


1. Cole & Charisma


Cole and Charisma might be one of the most popular interabled couples in the world. Cole, a C6 quadriplegic from a diving accident, met Charisma after his accident and the two fell in love quickly. These 20-somethings now live in California and share their interabled life with the world, from their vacations to their Friday night dates. They don't have any children (yet), but that is likely to come soon. As for what they do for a living, they are full-blown video creators, with their social media accounts and interabled videos helping pay the bills. 


Follow them at @happilycharisma


2. Tamera & Chris


Tamera, a paraplegic and a proud Latina woman from California, was paralyzed in a car accident with her boyfriend who was sadly killed in the accident. Fast forward several years later, she reunited with an old high school flame, Chris, and now the two are engaged and soon to be married. Chris has a son as well, and she also shares her life as a stepmother. On top of her family life, Tamera is a model and a motivational speaker.


Follow them at @tameramenaofficial 


3. Angelique & Paul


Angelique and Paul from Washington DC are a newly married interabled couple sharing their lives as flight attendants and teachers. Paul, a C6 quadriplegic from a high school football accident, went on to become a fierce wheelchair rugby player and shares his athletic pursuits. As an interabled couple, they share their whole life from looking for an accessible apartment to road trips, dates, and cooking. Their goal is to show the world that being together as an interabled couple is completely normal. 


Follow them at @flightattendant_wheelielove


4. Connor & Lindsay


Connor and Lindsay, a married couple from Texas, are high school sweethearts who were married in November 2021. In June 2020, a little over a year before their wedding, Connor experienced a C5-6 spinal cord from a diving accident in a friend's pool. Undeterred by his injury, they went on with their wedding and now share their interabled life together to help those going through similar experiences. They share their adventures hiking, life with their new puppy, and tips on life as a quadriplegic. 


Follow them at @journeywiththefosters 


5. Kevin & Julia


Julia, a C4-5 quadriplegic, and her husband Kevin share their life as a interabled married couple. Paralyzed in 2009 in a car accident, Julia, who was born and raised in California, moved to Japan after her injury to be able to make more money and keep her health insurance. Several years later, she met Kevin on a dating app and they were married in 2 years. They now reside in Arizona where they share their life living in the desert, from their dog and buying a new home to other interabled couples they hang out with. 


Follow them at @juliarennie_


6. Laura & Jacob


For a taste of the bohemian lifestyle in an interabled couple, Laura and Jacob have this on lockdown. Paralyzed in a car accident, Laura is a C6 quadriplegic and a talented artist who paints. They have continued to live their life just as before, often out in nature, hiking with their dog Strident, or going on random road trips along the West Coast. They are a very fun couple to follow and permanently reside in Arizona.  


Follow them at @lauragracebeck_


7. Andrea & Riley


Riley and Andrea, a cute interabled couple from Portland, Oregon, met after Riley's injury. Riley, paralyzed in 2009 in a diving accident, was a popular ski film creator and often filmed on skis. Now a C6 quadriplegic, he has a passion for universal design and built their dream home-accessible home. They share their life together including their adventures with adaptive gardening, one of their passions, and living in their home. They seek to normalize disability within the context of romantic relationships.  


Follow them at @poorhouselovelab

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