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Best Service Dogs of Instagram

Chances are, after your injury you were told about service dogs. Many people with new injuries, and sometimes old, "poo-poo" them, thinking they’re not necessary for their lives. More and more people, however, are realizing just how helpful service dogs can be, and they're popping up on Instagram with their own accounts, or at the very least being highlighted on their owner's accounts for their amazingness.

These dogs are inspiring people with disabilities each day, as well as people without disabilities, showing off this life-changing assistance. Service dogs truly have the power to change lives, and they do. Because of this, we scoured Instagram for the coolest #servicedogs on the site, and here's a sampling of some of the cutest #servicedogs around.

Molly Dog with a Blog

molly_dogs_blog @molly_dogs_blog

Hailing from the UK, Molly is a four-year-old Cocker Spaniel assistance dog cared for Lucy Watts, a college student studying her master's in business in London. Molly received her assistance dog status last year after a lot of hard work. And this cute doggie also received a PDSA Order of Merit from the UK government for her humanitarian services.


Farrah the Service Dobermanthe.daily.doberman


Helping out her mama Jessa Suarez, a 24-year-old woman from California living with a chronic illness, Farrah the Service Doberman has more followers that her mama (by 2,000), and Jessa is quite ok with that. Dobermans may not the most common service dog, but their loyalty and intelligence make them a great option, as you can see from Farrah’s chill demeanor.


Sirius Black the Magical Service Dogsirius.service.dog


A standard poodle with some serious style, Sirius Black is the service dog of Desiree Jaykins, a woman with RSD/CRPS and EDS. Sirius follows Desiree everywhere she goes, and he has had over 900 posts on his Instagram account showing his and Desiree's adventures together. He is often seen wearing black goggles for extra panache.


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Nomi the Therapy Dogsaintnomiandme


A brand new service animal that landed in the loving arms of Lucy aka Lulu, a woman from Australia, just last July. Nomi is a Saint Bernard puppy being trained to be a service dog for Lucy on the spot, and they’re thick into it. From the photos on Nomi’s account, you can see the love she already has for her mom is something to behold.



Lychee the Service Doglittlepoodlelychee


Not every service dog has to be big. Lychee is a miniature black poodle service animal cared for by Laura, a woman on wheels from Austria. They have been together since 2016, with Lychee receiving her service dog certification just this past March. Laura takes Lychee everywhere she goes as well and helps her exercise.



Kobalt the Service K9k9_kobalt


A German Shepherd service dog cared for by Valentino, a man with a chronic illness, Kobalt shows why German Shepherds are one of the best service animals out there thanks to their peerless obedience. Valentino likes to bring Kobalt out whenever he can to show off his skills.


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