Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota

In South Dakota, if you have a brain injury and need any kind of assistance, the Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota is the go-to organization. Funded from donations and grant money, the Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota is a nonprofit that helps people in South Dakota with brain injuries in many ways. First and foremost, their main goal is to connect people with services that maintain their lives in an independent and safe manner.

In addition, the Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota has a robust array of services it provides, with support groups being one of their most popular services. To learn all about this organization that works to assist brain injury survivors and their families in South Dakota, continue reading below.



Anyone with a brain injury who is over 18 and is a resident of South Dakota is eligible for assistance from the Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota. Since this organization is not affiliated with the state, its eligibility requirements are not as strict.

Services Provided

Services Provided

Think of the Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota as a connector for getting the services and assistance you need. They will put you in contact with whichever state agency or department you may need and will inform you of all of your options. On their site, you will find a list of the wide array of services provided in South Dakota for anyone with a brain injury. This includes rehabilitation centers, residential services, and social services from the state.

Another service they provide is support groups. There are four brain injury support groups that meet in South Dakota on a weekly basis. They are located in Aberdeen, Rapid City, Brookings, and Sioux Falls. These support groups are incredibly helpful as a way to gain insight and information from others with brain injuries and to learn new ways to cope. Contact information can be found for these support groups on their site.

And if you are in need of any more assistance, they offer a list of all of the disability resources in the state. Many of these are state-sponsored, and others are nonprofits, such as the South Dakota Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities. You can find this list of resources here 

You'll also find information about brain injuries on their site and educational materials for people with brain injuries and their family and friends. Personal stories of individuals who have suffered brain injuries are also on their site to express the dangers of brain injuries and prevent them in the future.

How to Apply

how to apply

To request help from the Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota in any way, an email is the fastest way to contact them. Their email address is Otherwise, you can contact any of their board members. Their phone numbers and names are listed directly on their site and can be found here

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