Enemeez Mini-Enemas: The King of SCI Bowel Programs

There are a lot of changes that occur to the body after a spinal cord injury, and one of the most difficult to maintain is the inability to empty one's bowels. Many people wonder if this is a difficulty after a spinal cord injury, and they would be right. It has become much easier however thanks to the amazingly effective Enemeez Mini-Enemas.


For years, most people with spinal cord injuries would use glycerin suppositories. These were the gold standard for spinal cord injury bowel programs. There's only one hitch – glycerin suppositories never worked as well as advertised. Containing just glycerin, they're supposed to help by making things more slippery, but for most people who’ve used them, they only work minimally, with digital simulation required more than it should. 


Enemeez Mini-Enemas is not a suppository; they are an enema, which is also why they’re so effective. Read on to find out why they work, plus how they help prevent autonomic dysreflexia while having a bowel movement.


How They Work


Enemeez Mini Enemas have replaced glycerin suppositories as the go-to medication used for spinal cord injury bowel programs since entering the market. Each 5-milliliter tube contains 283 mg of docusate sodium in liquid form. Docusate sodium is a well-known stool softener that draws water from the surrounding tissues to the rectum to soften stool. Many people will take this orally as well.


What's even more exciting is how quickly these work in people with paralysis. After inserting one into the anus and emptying all of the contents by squeezing the tube, a bowel movement is produced very quickly; typically 2-15 minutes. The high amount of docusate sodium within the enema is what is causing the bowel movement, and for most people, they say Enemeez Mini-Enemas works better than anything they have tried. It is important users remember to clear the stool before inserting the enema. 


To their credit, only a handful of people who have tried Enemeez Mini-Enemas claim that they did not work as promised. More and more often people with spinal cord injuries are including Enemeez as an essential part of their bowel program. And they are covered by Medicaid in most states. If you do not have medical insurance, or if it is not covered, the good news is that you can purchase one container of Enemeez Mini-Enemas for $70 on Amazon, which is much cheaper than the price from the pharmacy.


Enemeez Plus for AD


If you experience autonomic dysreflexia while having a bowel movement, you may be interested in Enemeez Plus. Many people with spinal cord injuries are prone to hemorrhoids, fissures, and painful and bowel movements in general. Autonomic dysreflexia often occurs as a result of these medical issues, as they are all cause pain.  


To prevent autonomic dysreflexia while using the bathroom, Enemeez Plus contains 20 mg of benzocaine; a drug that anesthetizes the rectum and lower bowel so that autonomic dysreflexia does not occur. But no matter which version of Enemeez you use, you can rest assured that it is one of the most powerful enemas on the market.


A side-note: For people with lower-level quadriplegia/tetraplegia who do not need any assistance with their morning cares, Ememeez Mini Enemas can be difficult to use as a firm grip/squeeze ability is required to empty the contents. This will be something that will need to be overcome if someone feels the medication is worth it. Here is a video explaining exactly how to use an Enemeez Mini-Enema: https://enemeez.com/enema-regimented-bowel-care/ 


Also, it is important to use lubrication when inserting Enemeez Mini-Enemas. For those with spinal cord injuries, the lack of sensation can be dangerous. Adding lubrication to each enema before insertion helps prevent unknown injuries from occurring and causing problems later down the line.


No matter where you do your bowel program, whether in bed or over the toilet, Enemeez Mini-Enemas is a great option. From speeding up your bowel program to making the whole process easier and less painful, what do you have to lose? If you have never tried one before, you can request a free sample on their site before seeking a prescription from your doctor. Click here to request a free two week supply: https://enemeez.com/request-samples/ 


- Learn more: https://enemeez.com/ 

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