Good Beds for People with Spinal Cord Injuries


For many people with spinal cord injuries, it is not easy getting comfortable in bed. From spasms and cramps to bed sores or just feeling like you're trapped, finding the best bed can be a lengthy search when you are paralyzed. There are a handful of mattresses however that people with paralysis time and time again recommend. We've compiled some of the most popular mattresses among people with spinal cord injuries below.


Sleep Number


For decades, Sleep Number beds have been ranked as one of the most popular beds among the general population, let alone people with spinal cord injuries. These mattresses allow you to adjust the firmness of the mattress to your liking, making them ideal for people with spinal cord injuries. For people with spinal cord injuries who’ve been struggling to get comfortable, these beds are often recommended. And if you sleep with a partner, a king-split top is a common choice. In addition, many people like to keep the bed aired at 100 to make it easier to move around on the mattress, and then set it to a lower setting for sleeping. This bed also has a smart feature that adjusts the firmness as you move.


Purple Mattress


If you are interested in buying your bed in a box, one of the most popular bands that people are buying online who also have spinal cord injuries is the Purple Mattress. Launched in 2016, the Purple Mattress is popular due to its purple grid that helps relieve pressure and its ability to contour to the body. This grid helps prevent pressure points. It is made from foam, which helps prevent sinking too far into the mattress. For those who have difficulty getting comfortable in bed after their injuries, this bed is highly recommended.


Tempur-Pedic Firm (with Adjustable Base)


Made from a special foam originally created for NASA to help absorb shock waves and provide comfort for astronauts, Tempur-Pedic mattresses are constructed from the same material. This foam is highly popular for its ability to provide pain relief, since the density of the memory foam is long-lasting, helping prevent pressure for long periods. It’s also preferred among people with paralysis due to its ability to move while on them, and they’re great for couples as the foam has the ability to isolate movements, making it difficult to disrupt your sleeping partner. Many people recommend the firm version of the Tempur-Pedic mattress with an adjustable base.


Alternating Air Mattress


If you want to ensure you're preventing bedsores, many people prefer alternating air mattresses, also known as air loss mattresses. Protekt Aire is one of the most popular alternating air mattresses on the market for people with spinal cord injuries. This type of mattress has air holes to keep you dry and cool, and it has adjustable comfort settings. One of the best draws to an alternating air mattress is by far the price. Many of these cost below $500 and can be purchased on most medical equipment sites.


Hospital Bed


If you don’t have the means to replace your bed or the hospital bed you were sent home with, try a ROHO Rotating Air Pressure Relief Mattress or another kind of mattress overlay on your current mattress or s hospital bed to improve its’ comfort-ability. Many people find this combination highly comfortable and in their price range as well, making it a win-win option.


Pillow Top Mattress


A budget-friendly option for acquiring a comfortable bed post-injury is a simple yet popular option – a pillow top mattress with an adjustable base. Typically purchased in a queen size, there are many brands that sell pillow top mattresses, such as Sealy or Beautyrest. 


Water/Gel Mattress


If you have difficulty staying cool in bed, a water/gel mattress does an excellent job at keeping your body pool, and it can contour to the curvature of your body while helping you say afloat in the bed. People highly recommend gel mattresses for their support and they work on an adjustable base. Many popular bed brands sell water/gel mattresses, such as Casper and Sealy. Nectar Gel Mattresses are one of the most reasonably priced gel mattresses available. This style of bed gives protection when it comes to your skin as well, helping prevent pressure ulcers.


Misc Ideas


If no mattress seems to be doing the trick, try an electric recliner. Although this is not the ideal sleeping position, many people find that a recliner is easier to get into and stay comfortable in than lying down in bed. And although they are a throwback, some people with spinal cord injuries will opt for a water bed, loving the softness and warmth of this style of bed. Many like how water beds help ease chronic pain immensely as well.


If you are still unsure about what kind of mattress to purchase, try asking your doctor or a physical therapist you've worked with in the past to see what they would recommend. Chances are they’ve worked with individuals with paralysis on this very topic and have mattress recommendations as well.

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