Natural Supplements to Treat Common SCI Ailments

Natural supplements used to be fringe medicine or hippie medicine. But not anymore. They’ve exploded in popularity in the mainstream medical world in the last couple decades, and many people with spinal cord injuries swear by their benefits. And it's true; they really can improve your health. Don't let the naysayers turn you away.

While medical doctors are lax to recommend them, people with spinal cord injuries have had their lives completely improved by adding natural supplements to their diet. From nerve pain to bladder infections, they can help. So what have you got to lose? It's always smart to avoid chemical drugs whenever possible, just as long as it doesn't put your health in danger.

If you've been waiting for the natural supplement made just for you and you have a spinal cord injury, the list below may just change your life. Enjoy!

Folate: New Injuries

For years, scientists have known that Folate plays a huge part in the development of the spinal cord in fetuses, and just recently researchers discovered that it also can promote healing in the damaged adult nervous system tissue. There have been studies that show that Folate can enhance their regeneration of axons in rats with spinal cord injuries. If you have a new injury, consuming Folate may be a smart move. It is a vitamin that occurs naturally in leafy green vegetables and other foods.

Cinnamon: Bladder

If you have recurring bladder infections and are worried about becoming immune to antibiotics, try Cinnamon. Be careful, however, as you will want to make sure you purchase the right kind of Cinnamon; Ceylon Cinnamon, as it is considered the “true” version of the spice and has more serious medical benefits. There have been studies that have found that Cinnamon has anti-bacterial properties that can kill some bacteria in the bladder. Many people add Cinnamon to their coffee in the morning as a preventative for UTIs.

Hibiscus: Bladder

Long known in African countries as a supplement that can greatly help with bladder and kidney problems, the Hibiscus flower when brewed in a tea or taken in a supplement has abundant anti-bacterial properties that have been proven to inhibit the growth of microbes that are responsible for bladder infections.

In a double-blind study, women taking hibiscus experienced a 77% reduction in UTIs, a truly impressive number.

Many people should at least give it a try. This supplement can be easily purchased on Amazon.

Serrapeptase: Nerve Pain

If you’re experiencing ongoing nerve pain and traditional medicine is not helping, you should try Serrapeptase. Serrapeptase is an enzyme taken from the silkworm that has been found to aid painful conditions like back pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia osteoporosis, migraine headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome. It also has been proven to help with chronic nerve pain, which many people with spinal cord injuries experience. One quadriplegic has been able to completely eliminate traditional medicine for nerve pain, and only takes Serrapeptase. He takes 1-2 pills of the supplement in the morning and another 1-2 at night.

Oregano: Bladder

People have known for centuries the Oregano has healing properties and can help with respiratory issues like coughs, asthma, and bronchitis. It can also help with heartburn, bloating, and UTIs. This supplement has helped many people with spinal cord injuries stave off UTIs for years. Make sure that you do not take it from the dropper, and make sure to drink it morning and at night if you’ve been drinking. Many people with spinal cord injuries have noticed that the increase in the yeast can cause a bladder infection.

Probiotics: Bowels

And last but not least, make sure you take a Probiotic supplement at least a couple of times a week. This supplement can change people's lives, helping maintain healthy bowel movements as well as preventing any ongoing stomach issues. Make sure however that you buy equality Probiotic supplements, as they are definitely not all equal. A highly recommended Probiotic supplement is HMP Probiotics.

What natural supplements did we miss? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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