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Learn Wheelchair Transfer Techniques, Manual Wheelchair Propulsion Techniques, Surface Navigation, Wheelie Techniques & More!


Have you ever been intimidated to try new skills in your wheelchair? We can help! NeuroLab 360 has just received sponsorship from the Permobil Foundation to offer a free manual wheelchair skills class! This class will meet on the second Thursday of each month beginning May 12th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm at their clinic in San Diego.

Included will be a brief education talk on topics covering optimal positioning, pressure relief, and more. From there the class will begin and will work on exercises to prevent shoulder pain and injury, optimize push mechanics, and then work on higher-level wheelchair skills such as transfers to and from the floor, static and dynamic wheelies, ascending/descending curbs, ramps, and stairs, and more!

NeuroLab 360's wheelchair skills class will give you the knowledge and confidence to increase your community wheelchair mobility in a fun and safe group class. Each class will include the STOMPS protocol shoulder warm-up as well as education on various wheelchair-related topics such as maintenance, optimal seating, and pressure relief.




Wheelchair Skills You'll Learn 

Optimal Propulsion  
Shoulder Injury Prevention
Wheelies: Static and Dynamic
Up/Down: Curbs, Ramps, and Stairs
Doors (opening/closing)
Chair to/from Floor Transfers
Rough Surface Navigation
Wheelchair Fall Recovery

Dates & Times

Beginning in May of 2022

2nd Thursday of the Month 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Contact Information 


Phone: (760) 704-8237

2146 Encinitas Blvd STE 110

Encinitas, CA 92024

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