Ohio Regional SCI Model System


Headquartered at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, the Ohio Regional SCI Model System is one of the newer SCI model systems in the country. Founded in 2016, this SCI model system combines care with Dodd Rehabilitation Hospital Hall, an established rehabilitation hospital that opened its doors in 1961, along with cutting-edge research.


The Ohio Regional SCI Model System is a national leader in spinal cord injury research via their clinical Neuro recovery Network Center. They also offer loads of SCI information. To learn more about the spinal cord injury research happening here, as well as the resources they provide to the local SCI community, continue reading below.




One of the biggest research projects at the Ohio Regional SCI Model System is a study looking at autonomic dysreflexia and how it affects infections after a spinal cord injury. Since many people with spinal cord injuries are at a higher risk of developing secondary infections, such as respiratory infections like pneumonia, this study seeks to find out why individuals with SCI are more prone to getting infections than others.


They also plan to look at why many people with spinal cord injuries have a lowered immune system after their injury. They’re also conducting three additional joint studies. One of these studies consists of looking at the equity and quality of assistive technology for people with spinal cord injuries. And the last study looks at early predictors of rehabilitation outcomes after acute dramatic spinal cord injury. To see all of their studies, visit https://studysearch.osumc.edu/studies/search_results?utf8=%C3%A2%C2%9C%C2%93&search[keywords]=spinal+cord+injury&commit=Search.

Resources and Education

 resources and education

The Ohio Regional SCI Model System offers a wide variety of educational materials on spinal cord injuries. First and foremost, they offer a Patient Story, where you can learn about an individual who utilized the rehab services at the Ohio Regional SCI Model System. Next, they offer their SCI programs through the Dodd Rehab Hospital. 


Top-level rehab for the acute phase is provided, as well as inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation through the Ohio Regional SCI Model System. Some of the more unique rehabilitation services they provide include bioness technology, FES, adaptive technology assessments, saeboflex technology, neuromodulation, return-to-work training, driver training, behavioral and psychological treatment, case management, and recreational therapy.


They also offer links to dozens of videos on managing life after spinal cord injury, and they provide links to important SCI resources. Tips on how to get ready for emergencies and a section titled "Red Flags: When to Avoid a Treatment for SCI” are also provided. This is an effort to help people navigate all of the new SCI treatments that are available and to make sure they don't get scammed.


And if you’re in need of in-person camaraderie, they offer a full calendar full of adaptive recreation and sports opportunities. They offer activities like adaptive HIIT workouts, wheelchair softball, and adaptive yoga. To view the calendar, visit https://teamup.com/ksd5ut3ac3immpgxdg

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