Popular Wheelchairs for T-Level Paraplegics

For many people with paralysis, having to use a wheelchair is a necessity. And one of the most important purchases you'll make after a spinal cord injury is a wheelchair. Whether you are paying for your wheelchair out of pocket or if it is covered by insurance, it is a hefty price. On average, a manual wheelchair ranges from $1900 on up.

For paraplegics, having the right manual wheelchair makes all the difference in your daily life. Having a wheelchair that is light enough to push, one that maneuvers well in day to day activities and handles vibrations well are some of the most important things to look for a quality manual wheelchair.

When you start shopping for your wheelchair, there are many impressive wheelchairs on the market. There are wheelchair companies all around the world manufacturing quality wheelchairs, but there are handful that is far more popular than the rest. Here are five of the most popular wheelchairs among paraplegics.

1) RGK – Octane Sub4

Octane Sub4 Wheelchair

Made by RGK, a wheelchair manufacturer in the UK, and owned by Sunrise Medical who owns Quickie wheelchairs, this popular manual wheelchair maker in the UK and the US is known for their lightweight titanium wheelchairs that are aesthetically pleasing. Their Octane Sub4 is the lightest titanium wheelchair, and one of the lightest on the market. This chair is lighter than 59% of the titanium wheelchairs available.

It also has a very smooth ride thanks to its ability to absorb shocks, which is due to the titanium frame. Also, each Sub4 ordered is made to measure to the customer’s body, making the ergonomics and the clinical seating in this wheelchair a perfect fit. This chair is approximately $6,999. https://rgkwheelchairs.com/wheelchairs/daily-wheelchairs/octane-sub4.html 

2) Box – Daily Suspension Series

Box Wheelchairs Daily Suspension Series

Mike Box, who has a brother with a spinal cord injury, decided to form a wheelchair company to make better wheelchairs than was available to his brother, and his company is now infamous for its high-quality daily wheelchairs. Box wheelchairs are known for their durability, style, and being lightweight. The Daily Suspension series is a lightweight wheelchair that is just 23 pounds when fully assembled. Each frame is custom-tailored to the user and is outfitted with the best accessories, from Frogleg suspension to Synergy X-Lace wheels. These wheelchairs start at $2,945.


3) Tilite - ZRA

Tilite - ZRA Wheelchair

The Tilite ZRA, manufactured by Permobil, this manual wheelchair is one of the most popular manual wheelchairs and best-reviewed wheelchairs available. This wheelchair is known for its minimalist mono-tube frame that is completely customizable. The ZRA also can be completely set up and figured by you. For those that are hard to fit, this is a great option. This chair is made from titanium, which makes it great at absorbing vibrations and lightweight. You can also get permanent tattoos imprinted on your chair frame. These wheelchairs start at $2,754.


4) Quickie - Q7

Quickie - Q7 Wheelchair

Founded by Marilyn Hamilton, a paraplegic in the 1980s, Quickie is one of the most famous wheelchair brands in the country and their Q7 model is one of the most popular manual wheelchairs. This ultra-light eight wheelchair has a beautiful aeronautic design made from premium materials. It is also the lightest manual wheelchair Quickie has created to date. 

The price is one of the best aspects of this wheelchair. It starts at $2995. This Q7 is also made of an aluminum frame, but what makes it stand out is its Shapebloc Technology, which is a process of heat treating the aluminum making it stronger but also giving it thinner walls, making it lighter. This wheelchair can be as lightweight as 13.3 pounds and start at $2,097.


5) Kuschall

Kuschall - K4 Wheelchair

Made from the Swiss manufacturer Kuschall, the K4 has an international reputation for making some of the most high-quality wheelchairs in the world. The frame can either be made from carbon fiber or titanium. This wheelchair is also very lightweight, coming in at 22 pounds. The price is approximately $2,300.


The wheelchairs above are all top of the line, but always remember there are many other brands to consider, especially if you live close to a dealer which mat help you get better. Some of these companies include Per4max, Numotion, Wolturnus, Ki Mobility, and Hands-on Concepts.

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