Regional SCI Center of the Delaware Valley

The second model spinal cord injury system located in Pennsylvania is the Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center of the Delaware Valley. Located in Philadelphia at Thomas Jefferson University, and partnering with the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, the Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center of the Delaware Valley was first established in 1978.

This model spinal cord injury system stands out for its impressive statistic pages that they gathered from over 5,700 people with spinal cord injuries the system has served over the past 40 years. In addition, they offer a wide breadth of consumer information, assessment measures, and research opportunities to the local SCI population. To learn more about this Philly-based model spinal cord injury system of care, continue reading below.




There is a wide variety of research currently happening at the Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center of the Delaware Valley. First and foremost are their clinical trials where they investigate drugs that could help with spinal cord injuries secondary publications, such as spasticity or bowel incontinence. They also conduct clinical trials on drugs that could improve nervous system function in my also improved walking.

Outcome studies are another large part of their research programs, which demonstrate some kind of improvement, whether it's a neurological improvement or a quality of life improvement. This model spinal cord injury care system has also been a leader in helping to develop classifications within the spinal cord injury dogma for years.

The Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center of the Delaware Valley also conducts basic research such as lower extremity recovery, neuropsychologic endpoints to measure improved neurological function, and better understanding the changes in nerve cells after spinal cord injury and how this affects the recovery of an individual. To see their current research studies, click here To see a list of their completed studies, click here 


Consumer Information


One of the main goals of the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital is to make sure their patients and family members are as educated on spinal cord injuries as possible. To reach that goal, they offer a free SCI patient/family teaching manual right on their website. You can find it here 

They also have several spinal cord injury videos available on their site in the "SCI Health” area to teach important spinal cord injury health information. Some of these videos tackle subjects such as the "Causes and Risks of Pressure Sores, "Pain After Spinal Cord Injury, "Depression After Spinal Cord Injury" and "Employment After Spinal Cord Injury." 

To see this video area on all things spinal cord injury click here:

They’ve also put together a collection of videos called "Day in the Life" that shares how people have moved on after their spinal cord injury and live their new lives. And lastly, a wide variety of archived information can also be found in their past newsletters area. You can find their newsletter archive here:


Assessment Measures


If you're looking for tests to determine your upper extremity capabilities and your lower extremity capabilities, you can determine these by taking the free questionnaire on their site. They also offer a walking index for spinal cord injury terminology, including important terms and concepts.

- Official site: 

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