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Top 4 Hands-Free Toothbrushes for Quadriplegics

Toothbrushes have come a long way in recent years. While the electric toothbrush was invented for a high-level quadriplegics in the 1970s, and then became mass produced for everybody else, this most recent invention, a "hands-free" toothbrush is even more suited for someone with a severe spinal cord injury because – look ma - no hands are required with this new design.

 And there are several to consider, with more coming out by the month. Each has BASS technology, which is high vibration frequencies that remove nearly all bacteria and plaque from the teeth, as well as a U-shaped design. We've compiled a list of the top four you’ll want to keep on your radar if you’re looking to incorporate a hands-free toothbrush into your life.

4.) Amabrush

 amabrush toothbrush

Not yet available until July 2019, the Amabrush is a hands-free toothbrush that guarantees to fully clean your teeth in 10 seconds. This toothbrush began from a Kickstarter drive in the UK in 2017. The Amabrush also comes with an app that lets you individualize you're brushing experience. It costs $129. Learn more>>

3.) HiBrush

hibrush automatic toothbrush

 This fully automatic toothbrushes called the Sonic Toothbrush by HiBrush guarantees to fully clean your teeth in 10 seconds as well. This toothbrush is unique in that you can choose a variety of colors. It also is on the low end of pricing at just $70. The HiBrush offers a whitening mode, which it is able to do with a cold light that is built into the brush. Learn more>>

2.) AutoBrush

autobrush electric toothbrush

 The AutoBrush takes it a step further and guarantees to give you a dental-grade cleaning in 30 seconds. This hands-free toothbrush also has s LED blue light installed to whiten your teeth and it has BASS technology. The AutoBush is available in three different colors (blue, pink, white) and costs $89. A model is also available for children. Learn more>>

1.) Go Smile Blue

go smile blu hands-free toothbrush

The Blu Hands-Free Toothbrush cleans your teeth and whitens them all at once, which is why it costs $120. It also comes with foaming whitening toothpaste, as well as two silicon mouth trays for whitening. It guarantees to whiten your teeth up to seven shades in just seven days with no sensitivity thanks to its blue light technology. This toothbrush also has the ability to get rid of bad breath because of the blue light bacteria-killing abilities. And it has a gum massager, which can help anybody with periodontal disease. This tool encourages blood flow. Learn more>> 

Thanks to these amazing hands-free toothbrushes, keeping your teeth clean with limited or no use of your arms is easier than ever. While these toothbrushes were not explicitly made for people with paralysis, they are serendipitous perfect for our community.

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