West Virginia TBI Funds for You

WVU TBI Funds For You

In the state of West Virginia, anyone who suffers a traumatic brain injury should contact the West Virginia TBI Funds for You program. Designed as an option if all other financial resources are exhausted, this program helps pay for a wide variety of services needed after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. The services they cover are extensive. Applicants can receive assistance on everything from medical and dental services to home modifications.

The TBI Funds for You program has been in existence since 2016. The state legislature voted to establish and authorize the West Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Fund Board to pay for services that will help increase opportunities and enhance the independence of these individuals. This program is funded by the West Virginia Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities.

Created by a statute, the TBI Funds for You program uses public money to promote increased independence among people who've suffered either a traumatic brain injury or a spinal cord injury. Financial help ranging from as little as $50 to $2,300 is given. To learn more about the eligibility and the services provided by the program, as well as how to apply, please continue below.



To be eligible for the TBI Funds for You program, there are strict eligibility requirements. First, an individual must be a citizen of West Virginia. Second, they must also have a medically confirmed diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury. Third, applicants have to prove (usually through a doctor's letter of recommendation) that the services needed are the only services that will help the individual to the level that’s needed.

Applicants must provide medical documentation of their traumatic brain injury and they must prove financial need. Applicants are required to exhaust all other financial resources before contacting this program for help.

Services Provided

One of the most impressive things about the TBI Funds for You program is the wide variety of services it provides to citizens of West Virginia with brain injuries. When applying for the program, you must specify the services you need. Once approved, you will be assigned a social worker who will help you access these services. You must also pass an evaluation that involves an interview and tests, which can take 2 to 8 hours.

This program firstly covers medical, dental, and vision care. Medical supplies are also provided, as well as attendant care. Durable medical equipment is also included. And for those needing technology to help them be more independent, assistive technology and assistive technology assessments are also covered. This ensures that an individual with a traumatic brain injury has the right computer, as well as any needed tech gadget, to help them be independent. Software is not covered.

Occupational therapy and physical therapy are provided, as well as startup funds required to make a home ready so a person can move home right away. This service includes one month of rent, the first month of utility bills, a security deposit, as well as essential and basic household appliances and items. Home accessibility modifications are also covered. Applicants can receive a maximum of $1,500 of assistance per fiscal year.

Family support services, an area that is often neglected, is also supported by this program. Therapy and therapeutic services are provided as well.

How to Apply

In order to apply for TBI Funds for You, you must also be a current client of West Virginia TBI Services and be referred to this program. Your social worker can help you complete your required application. You can find the referral form here: https://redcap.wvctsi.org/redcap/surveys/?s=YCYD3TWKAR

The application for the TBI Funds for You program can also be found here: http://tbi.cedwvu.org/media/3540/tbi-application-ffy-2020.pdf. Once submitted, your application must be reviewed by the Application Review Team and you should hear back from them within two months. This program is able to help around 40 applicants per year. 

- Learn more: http://tbi.cedwvu.org/tbi-funds-for-you/  

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