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Wheelchair Dating: 5 Great Date Ideas

Tiffiny Carlson | September 06, 2017

Wheelchair accessible date ideas.

Romance. It's not the most straightforward human activity in the world. And dating can definitely get a bit bland if you've been doing it for awhile. This especially rings true if you use a wheelchair. You know just how stressful, and even tiring, planning a date can be. When your options are limited, figuring out the perfect date definitely takes a bit more thought.

This doesn't mean there isn't still hundreds, or even thousands, of activities to choose from. From a wheelchair, you just can't pick the obvious ones anymore, but maybe that's a positive aspect, not a negative. Disability always forces you to be a bit more creative in life, and in the romance department, that’s never a bad thing.

5. The ‘Classic Steak House’ Date

There's something so romantic about the retro vibe of an old chophouse, and it's a completely wheelchair accessible date as well. Try to find the oldest steakhouse in your neighborhood (call to make sure it is accessible), make a reservation, dress up to the 9's (ladies that means lipstick, heels, men wear your ties, shine your shoes) and go out on the town. Tip: Don't forget to order that Peach Fizz or Manhattan to finish your transformation.

4. The ‘Small Venue Concert’ Date

Whatever the genre you like, seeing live music in an accessible smaller venue can’t be beat. When you're so close to the stage, it can really change the mood and be indelibly romantic, making for a fantastic date. Tip: Small venues tend to be General Admission, so make sure to get there early to get an accessible spot by the stage with enough room for you and your date, and an accessible line of sight.

3. The ‘Perfect Weekend’ Date

If you have time, going on a day date during the weekend can make for a truly sweet wheelchair-user date. There are so many things you can do during the weekend. Just open your local paper to see what’s going on. Car shows, art shows, home and garden shows, etc. Whatever both of you are mutually interested in, find something that’s going on and check it out. Tip: What’s great about this style of date is that it's ultra casual, so it’s perfect for anyone averse to getting gussied up.

2. The ‘Escapist’ Date

This date idea can be left up to interpretation. Whatever you consider as a way to escape, see if your date is interested, and do that for your date. Many prefer the movies as a way to escape, and movie theaters couldn't be more accessible nowadays. You can also do something as simple as playing board games, or even video games if you’re gamers and understand each others' love of the pixel. Tip: This date is all about having fun and forgetting about the world for awhile.

1. The ‘Nature Lovers’ Date

With the technological world we're all living in, it can be easy to lose touch with the beauty of the outside world, and this is especially true if you use a wheelchair. It can be so much more difficult doing outdoor activities. Planning a date however is a great excuse to finally get out in the great outdoors - you'll be with someone and you get to even cook up a little bit of romance.  

I'm a big fan of the arboretum, conservatories (especially when it's cold outside) and public/state parks that have nature trails that are accessible. There's something very bonding about being out in the beauty of nature together as a couple. Tip: Use this opportunity to take some great pictures together. Outdoor lighting is the best.

These are only five ideas. Try to get creative and dream up your own data ideas that your partner will never forget.

What is your all time favorite date as a wheelchair-user?

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Tiffiny Carlson

Written by Tiffiny Carlson

Since 1998, Tiffiny Carlson has been a prolific commentator on all things SCI in a number of prominent magazines, blogs and websites. Hailing from Minnesota, she was the SCI Columnist for New Mobility Magazine for 13 years and she currently works as the Executive Director of SPINALpedia, one of the leading websites for people with SCI to share videos and stories. She has been a C5-6 quadriplegic since a diving accident 24 years ago. Tiffiny has also been a fierce advocate for SCI research. In 2016, the Morton Paralysis Fund honored her for her work. While all SCI topics interest her, dating, love and the business of relationships have always been where her passion lies the most.

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