MieronVirtual Reality is an immersive technology that transports the user simply by wearing a specialized headset and watching content in 360°. As virtual reality (VR) continues to revolutionize entertainment, commerce, education, healthcare and more, interest is peaking to discovery definitive ways that VR can improve the quality of life for all users. As the technology continues to develop further, the neurological effects of virtual reality are becoming increasingly studied with promising results.

Virtual Reality in the medical setting has been clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, aid in pain management and reduce the need for prescription pain medication. The known benefits of VR in pediatric and general medicine are continuing to grow daily, with general acceptance that VR improves mental wellness. As studies show, VR and Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy may effectively ‘trick the brain’ into believing that it is physically preforming actions that are being simulated in the VR environment, and can encourage the brain to fire neurological pathways under these circumstances that have otherwise been ‘turned off’ for some time. Virtual Reality is believed to activate the brain’s mirror neurons – neurological pathways responsible for the execution of goal related motor actions. 

Mieron provides a library of Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy activities and exercises based upon the principles of Physical Therapy, Sensory Integration, and NeuroRecovery. In the cases of spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injury, clinical studies continue to assess the effectiveness of Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy in physical recovery with promising results, including increased bowel function. By combining the principles of locomotive training, neurofeedback and VR technology, Mieron has created the world’s first Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy program specifically designed to fit the needs and goals of rehabilitation patients.

Mieron is offered as an enterprise application for healthcare facilities and practitioners. If you are interested in trying Mieron or introducing it to your healthcare provider, please contact hello@mieronvr.com.

Clinical trials are taking place across the USA. To inquire about hosting a study at your facility please contact jessica@mieronvr.com