5 Convenient Stroller Options for Wheelchair-Using Parents


It's not everyday that you see a parent who uses a wheelchair pushing a stroller. Parents who use wheelchairs may be rare, but we are just as capable as any parent who can walk. It's all about the right adaptive technology that can make parenting a possibility for everyone.

When it comes to pushing a stroller from a wheelchair, the perfectly right equipment is needed. And there are a variety of wheelchair-accessible strollers that have been invented, despite many not being for sale. Read on to see the fantastic ideas that have been created in recent years.

1. Easy Strolleasy-stroll-baby-carrier

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Created by an Israeli design company in 2015, the Easy Stroll is a universal connector that lets you connect a stroller to your manual wheelchair's footrest. A variety of manual wheelchairs and strollers can use this connector. It is not yet available, but a great idea, nonetheless.

2. Cursum Strollerparent-in-wheelchair-with-Cursum-stroller

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Created by a design company in Norway, the Cursum Stroller is a custom designed stroller that is meant to be used in tandem with a manual wheelchair. It has swivel wheels and connects to the front of your wheelchair as well. And it allows for comfort and invisibility thanks to its height adjustment. This stroller is also just a design concept.

3. Wheelchair Stroller ProjectWoman-with-wheelchair-stroller-project

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Designed by Alden Kane in 2015, who was a student at the time, he was inspired to create this custom wheelchair stroller for Sharina Jones, a paraplegic from Michigan. While searching for a wheelchair accessible stroller, she was connected with students at the University of Detroit Mercy and the University of Detroit Jesuit High School. With Alden’s vision, an easy-to-push stroller that a baby carrier can sit on was born.

4. FreeWheel with Baby Carrier


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FreeWheel is a popular front wheel attachment for manual wheelchairs, and many parents are using their FreeWheel attachment to create a spot to keep their baby. You can buy the metal rack online to make it a reality. 

5. BuggyPod


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A convertible clip-on side seat for babies and toddlers, the BuggyPod is a fantastic idea from England that works great for power wheelchair-using parents. This can clip-on to most power wheelchairs and it’s available for purchase today. They will ship to the United States.

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