Upgrade Your Wheelchair with These Attachments

The wheelchair industry has been utilizing new inventions and technologies to make wheelchairs more useful than ever. And many of these attachments focus on making life easier for wheelchair users like power add-ons turning manual wheelchairs into power wheelchairs or a front wheel turning wheelchairs into powerful hiking machines. If you think your wheelchair could do more, here are some exciting attachment ideas.

Power Add-Ons (for everyday mobility)

A massive boon for anyone who uses a manual wheelchair, there are several add-on power options for manual wheelchairs. SmartDrive, a caster-like wheel with a motor, clamps on the back of a manual wheelchair, and comes with a remote, is one of the most popular power add-ons on the market. SMOOV is a similar device that offers a clamp-on powered wheel.

Another option is replacing the large main wheels with wheels that have a motor in the middle, such as the Twion Wheelchair Power Assist Wheels. The only drawback is the additional weight they can add to the chair. And for those who miss the beach, Freedom Trax is an add-on that a manual wheelchair rolls onto, giving it an instant tank-like track bottom.

E-Bike Add-Ons (for outdoor street mobility)


If you’re in need of a zippy way to get around town, especially if you don’t have a car, e-bike add-ons have become immensely popular with wheelchair users. One of the most renowned devices that are offered is the Firefly Attachable Electric Handcycle made by Rio Mobility. It can be added to a manual wheelchair easily and comes with a headlight. EasyRide+ is a similar device at a lower price point.

For going on trails and other unpaved areas, Stricker Handbikes, popular in a manual version as well for hand cycling, has a power version, the Cross Bike, which has a fat knobby wheel and a powerful engine to help you go over difficult terrain. Triride is another powerful e-bike for wheelchairs with even bigger, bulkier wheels and a double battery option for longer rides.

Extra Front Wheel (for all-terrain use/hiking)


If you would rather push yourself but have front casters that get stuck easily if you veer off the paved roads and sidewalks, FreeWheel is the perfect accessory to take you where you want to go. It is an extra large wheel that clamps onto the footplate, and gently lifts up the front casters, turning the wheelchair into a powerful 3-wheel all-terrain wheelchair.

Smart Cushions

Wheelchair cushions have gotten an upgrade in the form of Kalogon Orbiter Smart Cushion, the first “smart cushion” to enter the market, that offers real-time pressure analysis. This is an add-on to an already existing dry-flotation cushion, like a ROHO cushion, and has the potential to prevent pressure sores by detecting if the cushion needs additional pressure and then automatically fixing it. It can also detect when a cushion begins to leak.

All-Terrain Wheels


To make going off-roading even easier, adding all-terrain wheels to a manual wheelchair can take it to the next level. SUMO Wheelchair Wheels are a popular option on the market that offers wider, knobbier tires with more air space in them for better shock absorption. They also have no-bend spokes and a strong climbing grip to help you in your outdoor adventures.

Another all-terrain wheel option is the Invictus Active Off-Road Wheels. These wheels are similar, fit most wheelchairs with 24 or 25-inch tires, and have 36 stainless steel spokes, making the tires incredibly strong. The tires themselves are also nearly un-puncturable thanks to their 50 EPI carcasses.

Wheel Skis

Snow lovers have a wheelchair upgrade that can enhance their independence in the snow thanks to Wheel Blades. Created by Patrick Mayer, a paraplegic from Switzerland who loves the snow, Wheel Blades attach easily to the front casters of a manual wheelchair turning the casters into mini-skis. Wheel Blades help in other kinds of terrain as well, such as sand.

Camera Mounts

To make your wheelchair really go to work for you, it can double as the base for a camera mount, which is especially helpful for people with limited upper body mobility. The ALZO Wheelchair Camera Mount is a solid metal, a bendable device that is clamped to the armrest and fits most phones and cameras.

Stylish Cup Holder

For the latest in designer wheelchair accessories, FFORA offers a stylish way to hold a cup on your chair, with a separate attachment system sold separately.

Learn More here: https://liveffora.com/products/wheelchair-cup-holder-attachment  



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