Why Pediatric Physical Therapy Specifically for Kids Matters

In the spinal cord injury (SCI) community, physical therapy is a crucial component of the recovery and rehabilitation process. New activity-based therapy (ABT) centers are increasingly being established all over the United States. However, the programs offered by each of these centers may not be a good fit for everyone depending on an individual’s goals, age, and other factors.

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistics Center (NSCISC), there are between 247,000 to 358,000 people who are living with spinal cord injuries in the U.S. The American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) estimates that approximately 20% of spinal cord injuries occur in adolescents and children.

While the recovery goals of children and adults are similar, children often require a bit of a different approach when it comes to the rehabilitation process. Physical and occupational therapy programs for kids need to grow with them so they don’t outgrow the program and leave parents searching for a new solution for their children. The good news is that there are rehabilitation centers and hospitals for children with spinal cord injuries.

ExercisABILITIES in Rochester, Minnesota, recently began offering a new pediatric therapy program that provides speech, physical and occupational therapies from infant to adulthood. The goal is to help children live long, full, healthy, and independent lives as adults.

According to a recent post on the ExercisABILITIES website:

“There needs to be a variety of activities planned for therapeutic play and the child often does not cooperate the entire time. It takes creativity, energy and passion to treat a pediatric client. With ages ranging from 0-18 (and sometimes older) the pediatric population can provide challenges with how to facilitate functional activities.”

The physical and developmental needs of a child who has suffered a spinal cord injury can be vastly different from those of adults. “Things like learning development, speech development, social interaction, and ability to play can be impacted by trauma, cognitive or physical impairments.”

Caring for a child with a spinal cord injury can present any number of challenges for parents. Thankfully, the SpinalCord.com team has compiled a one-stop guide to the basics of what you need to know to help your child get the level of care and schooling they need to maximize their recovery and rehabilitation.


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