How The Process Works


Voting Contributors: Voting contributors include SCI survivors, caregivers, advocates, and family members, in addition to doctors, nurses, rehabilitators, researchers, lawyers, and a host of other people who each have different perspectives and experiences with spinal cord injuries.

Objective Selections: may collaborate with some of our nominees, but it has no impact on who wins (which is another reason we involve so many people in the decision process). Additionally, no one can "buy" an award; quality is the only criteria for success.

Selection Process: The crew and its writers thoroughly evaluate each nominee's qualifications. Although the process varies in each category, factors including reputation, customer service, knowledge, longevity, and access may be taken into account. Every company and group has a positive reputation with the public or within their community.


The Categories Include:

Paralysis Podcast

Wheelchair Manufacturer

Adaptive Exercise Equipment

Vehicle Conversion

Durable Medical Equipment

YouTube Channel


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