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Paralysis podcasts have always been popular, and today there are more than ever before due to the pandemic. People have had time to create some fantastic programming on all facets of life with paralysis and spinal cord injuries. Of course, not all paralysis podcasts are created equally. To save you time in your search, we’re proud to present the winners of’s Best Paralysis Podcasts.

Authenticity is the most important quality above any other. Whether the host is paralyzed or a caregiver to someone who is, he or she should strive to make a personal connection with listeners. Simply having an interest in paralysis is not enough to be a top SCI show.

The person hosting the podcast should also be easy to listen to and be able to engage with listeners. While the host is undoubtedly going to be very familiar with the topic of SCI, he or she also needs to know how to communicate well within the medium; podcasts are similar to radio stations in this way. The host should make listeners want to stay on to the end of the show – and come back for the next installment.

Lastly, a great paralysis podcast should have a good chunk of content that is shared on a regular basis. The show should have at least eight episodes or so, with the episodes coming out fairly regularly. There are too many paralysis podcasts that are not updated on a regular basis, and therefore didn’t make this list.

Best Paralysis Podcast #2

Life After Paralysis with Tiffiny Carlson

Life After Paralysis with Tiffiny Carlson is the official podcast of, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people with SCI. Hosted by Tiffiny Carlson, a C6 quadriplegic of over 25 years and the executive director of SPINALpedia, she interviews SCI guests from all areas of life, highlighting important topics within the paralysis community from spinal cord injury research and advocacy to lifestyle topics.

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Why they made the list

Tiffiny Carlson is a well-known member of the SCI community and brings personal knowledge to her audience with over 25 years as a SCI survivor. She is a great mentor who has shown how life can still be fun and fashionable from a chair! Tiffany also brings in relevant guests and discusses a wide array of topics in a thoughtful way. Her podcasts and special guests provide useful information, while still bringing a human touch to the topics. New episodes are uploaded monthly.

Best Paralysis Podcast #3

Quad Life

Quad Life brings you the daily realities of life with a spinal cord injury. Featuring stories that are often difficult, sometimes funny, and always honest. The episodes offer a window into the nuanced lives of people with quadriplegia as they age and the people around them.

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Why they made the list

Bringing seven episodes to life per quarter, Brian Bell is a true host as he speaks with his amazing guests that are featured each episode. Each individual brings their own story with a spinal cord injury to the table and shares important things they have learned along the way. It is insightful, inspiring, heart wrenching at times, but beautiful. There is power in sharing the overcoming of this diagnosis and Brian and his guests are a worthy listen.

Best Paralysis Podcast #4

From the Throne

A vibrant trio of personalities breaking barriers in every episode with the aim of showing the world that people living with disabilities are still people, just people who must do things differently. They will make you laugh, maybe cry, but most of all make you think ... They hope to change or enhance your perceptions on what the handicap(able) are really capable of. From the Throne Podcast is more than just a podcast, it’s a lifestyle.

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Why they made the list

With only about 20 episodes out so far, From the Throne is a relatively new entry to the podcast world, but that definitely does not make them any less entertaining. Listening to their podcast almost feels like you are overhearing the juicy convo of a trio of funny friends. The hosts’ personalities shine through to listeners with an honest look at how those with disabilities are capable of more than most people realize. Their topics are current, diverse, and interesting, just like they are! They have great guests and remain true to their mission of showing the world that the chair doesn't define the person in it.

Best Paralysis Podcast #5

Live To Roll

Live To Roll is dedicated to helping quadriplegics have a more independent lifestyle. Led by Shawn Fluke, with other hosts, he discusses topics related to quads and tips/tricks to live your best life.

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Why they made the list

With 9.1K YouTube subscribers, fresh content regularly, and podcasts specifically for women’s topics two Thursdays per month, Shawn Fluke gives a lot of first person vlog style experiences and shares the things he has learned along the way with his SCI. His authenticity is refreshing. The videos are an added touch to his presentation that really provide perspective.