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How do you choose which manufacturer? There are hundreds of wheelchair manufacturers around the globe, but that does not mean that they're all reputable and should be trusted. It is important to search for well-reviewed wheelchair manufacturers before anything else. Research what wheelchair-users are saying about their wheelchairs and the companies that treat them right. If you follow the good reviews, this will lead you to the best wheelchair manufacturers.

Also, make sure that the wheelchair manufacturer has a solid foothold in the US market, even if the wheelchair is made overseas (there are many good wheelchair manufacturers in other countries). You need to make sure whichever company you choose has people in the US who can help you adequately. Lastly, make sure that the company has a wide variety of options when ordering a wheelchair. No one person is the same and most wheelchairs require customizations.

With all that in mind we did our own research and here are our selections for the Best Wheelchair Manufacturers in 2022.

Best Wheelchair Manufacturer #2

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Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical is a world leader in the development, design, manufacture and distribution of manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, motorized scooters, and both standard and made-to-order seating and positioning systems. It is the policy of Sunrise Medical to provide customers with the product and services they require, which at all times comply with the design parameters that meet and, whenever possible, exceed expectations.

2842 N Business Park Ave, Fresno, CA 93727

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Why they made the list

Sunrise Medical comes in with high marks due to their reputation in the industry as being a reliable company with a plethora of products for all types of wheelchair users. Not only do they offer rigid and folding manual chairs, all types of power, tilting chairs, and even standing power chairs, but they have sport chairs and 4x4 All-Terrain power chairs through their acquisition of Magic Mobility. From driving through the soft sands of beaches and climbing rugged mountain ranges, to dominating muddy farmyards, Magic Mobility's 4x4 off-road power wheelchairs enable you to experience the freedom and adventure that comes with a go-anywhere, all-terrain power wheelchair. Sunrise Medical really has something for everyone! Their company also produces Jay, which is a common choice for seating and positioning solutions. For us, Sunrise is another solid choice for wheelchair users to consider!

Best Wheelchair Manufacturer #3 - Tie for 3rd!

Colours Wheelchairs logo

Colours Wheelchairs

With a mission of making products that empower users to become their best selves, Colours understands function and form. Individuality and independence of the people who use their chairs is their focus. No matter if you’re looking for a custom painted wheelchair or a customized seating system, a Colours wheelchair will be uniquely yours.

2061 Cecilia Circle, Corona, CA 92881

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Why they made the list

Just like Whill, Colours really is about providing a product that not only works well, but looks good while doing it! For the discerning manual chair user who wants to fully customize their ride, Colours offers an array of paint, fabric, and wheel choices, as well as unique chairs built for All-Terrain and even a chair with an air-ride suspension system built for users who really want to bump their way down the world’s ramps, curbs, staircases, etc.

Best Wheelchair Manufacturer #3 - Tie for 3rd

Invacare logo


Invacare manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of personal assistance products to help consumers enjoy a comfortable, safe and active lifestyle. They state their mission is to ensure that users are given the same freedom of choice and access to precision engineered products, as more able-bodied people. They pride themselves on listening closely to the needs of users and have continuously developed the Invacare range with superior design, performance, functionality, reliability, endurance and safety.

1 Invacare Way, Elyria, OH 44035

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Why they made the list

Invacare offers a range of power chairs, tilt-in-space chairs, power assist options for manual chair users, as well as a strong offering of sport chairs for everything from tennis to basketball to racing and handcycling! They also recently released the Aviva Storm RX, a new power chair with a smaller profile that makes maneuvering in tight spaces much easier, especially if you are used to a manual wheelchair but need a power option. Again, Invacare should be noted as the brand of choice for sport chairs for many wheelchair athletes, as well! Kudos to Invacare for ensuring lives can remain active and full, no matter what!

Spinal Cord Honorable Mentions

Motion Composite

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Motion Composite has a really cool all carbon fiber rigid chair, that while not for everyone, is unique because it is ultralight and has quite a bit of adjustability for a rigid wheelchair.

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Based in the UK, RGK has some flashy manual chair design options, as well as sport chairs. They also offer a few different power assist technologies that attach to the front of a manual chair to turn it into a power scooter to get around town a little easier!

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