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Best Spinal Cord Injury & Paralysis YouTube Channel

When looking for a good paralysis YouTube channel, what you want to look for above anything else is authenticity and the ability to communicate clearly. There are hundreds of people with paralysis that have YouTube channels, but not all of them are technically that great. What you also need to look for is quality as well, i.e., making sure the video is recorded in high resolution and with clean transitions/editing and a viewpoint that is clear.

There are several different kinds of spinal cord injury/paralysis YouTube channels that would be considered better than the rest, and they are authored by different perspectives in the community. While most of these are by people with paralysis, others are created by their spouses and by therapists. A channel that is updated on a regular basis is also important, preferably at least one time a week but a minimum of a couple of times a month.

An active voice is critical as it is up to date. Many channels seem to be abandoned, so make sure to look at the most recent uploads. While older videos have a great deal of value, when investing time into following a channel it’s nice for the information not to abruptly end. Also, looking at the number of likes each channel has is a good first step in determining if a channel is worth your time to investigate. More times than not the people know what is good, so simply gravitate towards the most popular channels and you'll likely find the best ones out there.

To save you the time you will find’s Best Spinal Cord Injury & Paralysis YouTube Channels below.

Best YouTubers with Paralysis #2

pro tips for paras logo

Pro Tips For Paras

Our mission is to help those with physical disabilities through awareness and education with clever solutions to the everyday hurdles that people in wheelchairs have to conquer. Our goal is to remove as many barriers as possible while advocating for a future where inclusiveness is created in the first place. Our vision is to make the world more accessible for everyone.

200-911 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8V 4X3

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Why they made the list

With almost 15,000 subscribers and a new video released monthly for the last few years, Pro Tips for Paras makes our Best Of list for openly covering so many topics that help so many fellow wheelchair users. Pro Tips, with Tanelle, teaches viewers about daily living tasks, rants on 'the system', and showcases the tips and tricks used to go about life in the most 'normal' way possible. This channel is not just for paraplegics, but for everyone wishing to further their education and gain a perspective in adversity before reaching it themselves.

Best YouTubers with Paralysis #3

Kiesha Mastrodimos

“My journey via videos, on my way to walk again. Sometimes your life has to be completely shaken up, changed and rearranged to relocate us to the place we are meant to be; it always gets better, have faith.” - Kiesha

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Why they made the list

Since we highlighted Tanelle and Pro Tips for Paras, we had to cover Kiesha for the quads out there! For the last seven years, Kiesha has been uploading content showing quads how to be more independent with everything from riding horses to painting to food preparation. She has almost 5,000 subscribers and releases videos monthly, keeping her content fresh. She also gives an inside look at her life with therapy and how she is still physically fighting for recovery. Keep the videos coming, Kiesha!

Best YouTubers with Paralysis #4

Mason Ellis

Mason Ellis is a quadriplegic dedicated to mentoring people who have spinal cord injuries, helping people who have disabilities live life just like they would've able-bodied, and inspiring able-bodied individuals. Learn how to become more independent and what it's like to live life with a spinal cord injury.

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Why they made the list

With over 6,000 subscribers, Mason Ellis uploads content covering: Advice & Motivation, How To's, Products Reviews, Spinal Cord Injury Information, Tips & Tricks, Wheelchair Exercises, and many other videos related to SCI. With clear concise editing and well titled videos, there is not much that viewers will be left wondering about in terms of life with an SCI. His reviews of assistive products really stood out to us, and we wanted to recognize his time spent educating viewers.

Best YouTubers with Paralysis #5

Meg Johnson Logo

Meg Johnson

“I could try to tell you all about the struggle and ultimate victory I experienced when learning how to braid my kids' hair or tie an apron. Or pick my nose (video to come...). But this is where I get to prove it. It's the ultimate show and tell. I get a chance to show you all the things I've learned and triumphs I've experienced, and then tell you that you can do it, too. Even walking people with use of their hands know what it feels like when this life gets too hard to stand and I am grateful for this opportunity to tell all my viewers - to tell you - that no matter what, you can keep on rollin.” - Meg

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Why they made the list

Meg Johnson is so honest with her life as a quadriplegic, a wife, and a mom. Her channel gives an inside, very candid look into how she functions in all of those roles, while maintaining a very positive attitude. She is a resource for women on wheels who aspire to live their dream of being a mom. Her channel has a ton of instructional videos on everything from how she cooks her family dinner to how she’s doing with her latest pregnancy journey.

Best YouTubers With Paralysis # 6

Live to Roll

“Live To Roll is dedicated to helping fellow quadriplegics have a more independent life. Shawn is a C5/C6 quadriplegic who has worked very hard to gain independence. He shows some techniques and tools that he has learned over the last 14 years in hope they might be able to help with improving quadriplegics' daily lives and general attitude towards life!”

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Why they made the list

Live to Roll keeps current by offering weekly Live Streams, as well as a monthly Women’s Group Live Stream. With over 9,000 followers, Live to Roll offers how to videos and interesting podcasts with guests who offer other perspectives about life on wheels. You may recognize their name from our 2022 Best of: Paralysis Podcasts list, too!