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Spinal Cord Injury Journal

Updates and Advancements On Traumatic Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

Topics: Paralysis , Research , Education
Spinal Cord Team
Spinal Cord Team | June 12, 2018

The Truth about Guillain-Barré Syndrome & Spinal Cord Injuries

People often think that spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are the result only of car accidents, sporting accidents, and other causes. However, a spinal ...

Topics: Recovery & Rehabilitation , Treatment , Paralysis
Tiffiny Carlson
Tiffiny Carlson | May 04, 2018

Tendon Transfer Surgery: Is It Worth It?

While a spinal cord injury cure doesn’t exist yet, there is a surgery that has the capability of restoring arm and hand function to quadriplegics and ...


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Topics: Advice & Tips , Paralysis , Spinal Cord Injury , Traumatic Brain Injury , Health & Exercise
Tiffiny Carlson
Tiffiny Carlson | January 23, 2018

The Best Bladder Management Options for People with Paralysis

The bladder is perhaps the trickiest thing to manage after a spinal cord injury (SCI). It causes the most grief compared to other bodily issues, ...

Topics: Paralysis , Advice & Tips
Tiffiny Carlson
Tiffiny Carlson | January 09, 2018

Meals on Wheels: An Option for People with Paralysis

Meals on Wheels (MOW) is one of the great nonprofits of the world, and it’s also known for serving up, and delivering, some tasty, homemade food. ...

Topics: Paralysis
Tiffiny Carlson
Tiffiny Carlson | September 20, 2017

Planning for a Natural Disaster When You're Paralyzed

There seems to have been a lot of natural disasters occurring recently. We have hurricanes of course, but then there are the wildfires, fires in ...

Topics: Paralysis , Survivor Stories & Inspiration
Spinal Cord Team
Spinal Cord Team | August 31, 2017

Creating “The Cure Map” to End Paralysis with Kelsey & Madeline

“Two women and a dog named Milo hit the road, camera in hand, in search of answers to bring us closer to finding a cure for paralysis.” These are the ...


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Topics: Paralysis , Family & Relationships , Caregivers
Tiffiny Carlson
Tiffiny Carlson | August 07, 2017

Guilt from the Sidelines: Seeing a Loved One With Paralysis

Many people forget about the family members and friends of those affected by spinal cord injuries. If they aren't the ones affected, what's the big ...

Topics: Paralysis , Research
Spinal Cord Team
Spinal Cord Team | April 20, 2017

What Causes Temporary Paralysis?

There are quite a few different possibilities when it comes to determining the cause for a case of paralysis. Some cases are easier to determine than ...

Topics: Research , Technology & Advancements , Paralysis
Spinal Cord Team
Spinal Cord Team | February 17, 2017

Mobility Once More: How Hyundai’s Exoskeleton is Helping Paraplegics Walk Again

Hyundai is known for their dependable construction of vehicles for traveling on the road, but they are now getting special attention for the ...

Topics: Research , Paralysis , Spinal Cord Injury
Spinal Cord Team
Spinal Cord Team | January 26, 2017

Microchips Showing Potential for Paralysis Treatment

Spinal cord injuries are incredibly difficult for the nervous system to recover from. There are a large number of people that are in recovery and ...