Online Therapy: A Viable Option for People Living with Paralysis

From depression to anxiety, people with spinal cord injuries experience a wide variety of mental conditions when adjusting to life with paralysis. In-person therapy has been the gold standard, but since 2014, online therapy has been exploding and it's a great option for people with paralysis. Just think how transformative online therapy can be for someone with paralysis that can't drive or may live in a rural area. Being able to see a therapist on a regular basis can change someone's life.

If you have doubts about online therapy, there are several vetted sites. Many accept most insurance policies and they strictly follow HIPAA regulations. Seeing an online therapist is almost as good as the real thing, and in some cases, it can be better because you have more therapists to choose from.

It can also be cheaper than visiting a therapist in-person. There are sites that charge less than $100, which is cheaper than the typical in-person rate for an hour session. There may be a situation however where your therapist will advise you to see someone in-person. Try approaching one of the following online therapy services to see if they can help you with your needs.


We like this site because it was recommended by The New York Times and is accredited by the American Telemedicine Association. This highly vetted site has over 600 therapists, a huge amount compared to a typical therapy office, which makes it a lot easier for you to find a therapist that will vibe with you. Many people with paralysis want a therapist that can understand their situation, preferably even use a wheelchair themselves.

While you may not find a paralyzed therapist on this site, you will hopefully find someone who has experience working with clients with spinal cord injuries. They also are one of the less expensive online therapy services out there, only charging between $85 in $100 per hour. You can book immediately with them as well. Bonus feature: You can hide your face during a session for privacy/voice only therapy essentially. Visit them here:

Doctor on Demand

Another site accredited by the American Telemedicine Association, Doctor On Demand offers both mental health therapists and medical doctors, which makes the service not as specific for mental health, but it is still a trusted site. They charge slightly more as well, but they too offer immediate bookings if needed. For a 15 minute session, it costs $120. And if you would like to speak to a therapist for 25 minutes, the cost is $80. They accept insurance as well, but testers online have said that it takes longer with this service for bills to be processed by insurance. Visit them here:

7 Cups of Tea

If the idea of an unlimited amount of therapy appointments at one monthly price sounds appealing, 7 Cups of Tea might be that online therapy service for you. At $150 per month, you can chat with their therapists for an unlimited amount of time. They do not have as many licensed therapists as the two above sites, but they have several unlicensed “listeners available,” as well as licensed clinical social workers and licensed clinical professor counselors available. They are HIPAA compliant. Visit them here:

Whatever you do, please don’t let your paralysis get the best of you. It’s always a wise decision to talk to someone, even if it’s hard in the beginning. <3


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