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In our premiere episode of True Wheelchair Life: SCI Life Uncovered, we talk to three people with paralysis who’ve undergone experimental stem cell procedures. The good, the bad and the ugly - we get every angle from three quadriplegics who decided to be the much needed guinea pigs for the rest of the SCI population.

Is it worth doing? Would they do it again?

Listen in as each tells their
stem cell tourism story.

True Wheelchair Life: SCI Life Uncovered

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Meet the Speakers

Allie Leath

Injured 3 1/2 years ago, Allie is a vibrant 30 year old from Northwood, Ohio. She took part in a stem cell study for newly injured individuals at the University of Michigan and is a complete C6 quadriplegic.

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Gabe Roderick

An incomplete C5-6 quadriplegic from Minneapolis, MN, Gabe Roderick, 25, was injured almost 10 years ago while on vacation in Costa Rica. Shortly after his injury, he traveled to India for stem cell injections, and stayed for 5 months for his recovery. He shares his experience overseas, and his current workout regimen. Gabe is also a singer and has a band, Treading North.

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Caleb Bartlett

Injured over 20 years ago in a diving accident, Caleb Bartlett, a 40 year old C4-5 from FL, currently living in NJ, decided to undergo stem cell injections 16 years after his injury. He traveled to the Dominican Republic to undergo the procedure in 2013.

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