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SCI Life Uncovered

Flying with a Wheelchair

Episode 4
Tiffiny Carlson

Tiffiny Carlson


Runtime: 1 hour, 37 minutes

Out of all of the issues wheelchair-users face, flying remains one of the top concerns of people who use wheelchairs. There are many complications that can arise, from broken wheelchairs and lost wheelchairs to airlines simply not understanding your needs.We have put together a jam-packed podcast that includes interviews with four people, professionals and average folks, who have vast experience flying with a wheelchair and all have disabilities themselves.

Listen in as each tells their story.

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Meet The Speakers

Kenny Salvini

Kenny Salvini

Paralyzed when he was 23 in a skiing accident, Kenny began flying in 2016 and made the news because he has had two wheelchairs ruined by airlines since beginning to fly. He shares his story and how he recouped what was lost.

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John Morris

John Morris

After becoming injured in a car accident, John Morris decided to dedicate his life to improving information for accessible travel and founded Wheelchairtravel.org. He has extensive travel experience and shares his advice for people looking to fly and use a wheelchair.

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Timm Aguirre

Timm Aguirre

A seasoned traveler from Arizona, Timm has Muscular Dystrophy and travels often with his wife. Contact him on Facebook with any accessible travel questions.

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Ken Lewis

Ken Lewis

An incomplete paraplegic from Idaho, Ken shares what happened on a flight in Seoul, Korea when language barriers occurred during a 13 hour layover.

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Spinal Cord Team
Spinal Cord Team | November 05, 2022

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For many people with spinal cord injuries, it is not easy getting comfortable in bed. From spasms and cramps to bed sores or just feeling like you're ...


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