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Center for Neuro Recovery is the nation’s leading functional movement exercise facility with the most state-of-the-art research-backed equipment to date. Center for Neuro Recovery’s® Comprehensive Activity-based Strength Training (C.A.S.T.®) program helps individuals reach maximum levels of functionality, independence, and regain as much lost capability as possible through repetitive, activity-based strength training. Based in South Florida, Center for Neuro Recovery is the only facility in the State of Florida to offer robotic-assisted gait strength training and a fully comprehensive functional pattern movement program to qualified candidates. Center for Neuro Recovery takes individuals with spinal cord injury, stroke and other neurological disorders through a post-rehabilitation functional movement exercise strength and conditioning training program. Center for Neuro Recovery’s client’s regain the most strength and lost physical ability through this strengthening and conditioning and receive incredible results in the shortest period of time.

The staff at CNR has successfully created a results oriented environment perfect for those of us needing to increase our strength, muscle mass, functionality and positive mental attitude. I can honestly say it has exceeded my own expectations to date and I now look forward to exercising each and every day. The CNR C.A.S.T program targets each and every individual’s potential and the results are obvious by simply looking around the facility. It’s up to each individual what they want out of CNR and the staff is ready and willing to help each individual meet our goals. Thru hard work and determination, physical barriers are being broken and personal goals are met or exceeded by many who are willing to try. -BR, Tom D

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How is Center for Neuro Recovery different than other activity-based strength training programs?

Conventional rehabilitation for physical disabilities including spinal cord injury, stroke, and other neurological disorders is typically geared to helping patients "resign" themselves to a life of limited strength and mobility. Our comprehensive activity based strength training program helps retrain weak or overlooked muscles, keeping the body toned as you build strength, function, independence and as much neuro recovery through exercise as possible. When traditional rehabilitation tells a person that they have gone as far as they can, the Center for Neuro Recovery knows that more function and independence can be achieved. Our Comprehensive Activity-based Strength Training or C.A.S.T.® program was designed specifically to help people with spinal cord injury, stroke and other neurological disorders to build muscle mass, increase bone density, improve overall body strength, and enhance muscle memory through functional movement exercises. Our innovative functional movement exercise program encompasses the entire body! We work ALL available muscle groups to increase strength in the upper body, core (abdominals and obliques) and the lower body (hips and legs), along with weight-bearing and cardiovascular exercises. Each neurological injury or disorder comes with a new set of life-changing circumstances. The Center for Neuro Recovery’s C.A.S.T.® program helps you push as hard as you can to achieve maximum functionality.

What benefits can I expect from the Center for Neuro Recovery program?

Most of our clients find themselves with:

  • Increased strength and function
  • Additional areas of voluntary muscle movement
  • Stronger muscle mass throughout the entire body
  • Increased central nervous system activity
  • Higher level of overall health and well-being
  • Greater personal independence
  • Less dependence on family/caregivers
  • Lower dependence on medications with the guidance of their primary care physician 
Why is there only one training facility?

The Center for Neuro Recovery has been asked over the years to expand to multiple locations both nationally and internationally. CNR has recently doubled its square footage at its flagship center to accommodate a growing client base. As new state-of-the-art equipment becomes available, CNR will continue to be on the forefront of integrating validated research. Maintaining our high quality program and delivering positive outcomes for our clients is our top priority. Management currently consults with various medical institutions on future joint venture and expansion opportunities.

How long will my recovery program take?

Putting a timetable on recovery is next to impossible. Every injury and disability is unique and requires a different duration of time for training. Every client comes with different goals, circumstances, and capabilities. The Center for Neuro Recovery exercise specialists will help you push to your physical limit and regain as much function as possible. We require a minimum of three months so that we may follow exercise protocols to begin the process of building strength, function, and new areas of independence. As long as the client continues to break through the barriers put upon them, CNR can help them continue to achieve new goals and greater independence.

Is the C.A.S.T. program right for me?
Our C.A.S.T.® program is the only program we offer. Again, this comprehensive program is proven to give the best results for our neurologically disabled clients. Depending upon the client's circumstances, we recommend three to five days a week, for up to three hours a day, of comprehensive activity-based, functional pattern movement, stretching and range of motion which will increase strength, function, independence and as much neuro recovery as possible.

Center for Neuro Recovery’s Post Rehabilitation Offers Hope For C5 C6 Spinal Cord Injury

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