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About Journey Forward

"Journey Forward is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of those with spinal cord injuries or disability. We provide an intense, exercise based program working to achieve some of the most basic lifelong functions and benefits for our clients. Exercise is important to everyone and even more so for those living with paralysis.

We work with paralyzed clients of all levels and abilities providing a very active and full body approach to recovery. This is what separates Journey Forward from many other adaptive gyms. Most other facilities, centered on working with individuals with disabilities, tend to focus only on the clients’ current abilities and don’t work with the affected areas to improve motor function overall.

At Journey Forward we focus on the clients’ weaknesses and work on coordinating the entire body in a very functional and complete style. Our clients will work on many different activities including gait training, load bearing, and full body neural stimulation. Working with individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries in this aggressive and functional manner has shown many benefits. We’re able to focus on client goals that can range from regaining lost function to simply receiving the normal benefits of exercise."

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  • 5 Shawmut Road
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