Neuro Ex

Activity Based Therapy Center

About Neuro Ex

"Recent research has shown that recovering function after a neurological injury or illness may be possible. These studies include spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and ALS. This research shows that recovery is facilitated through an increase in neural plasticity brought about by intense “activity-based” restorative exercise.

Neuro Ex understands that no two injuries are exactly alike and no two people respond the same way. As a result, we custom design each program for each client based on his or her particular needs and we continually adjust your program to ensure maximum gain. Our Neuro Recovery program is not designed to take the place of physical therapy or traditional rehabilitation, instead we have designed it to be an adjunct to them. We are not a medical or therapy program."

  • Contact:
  • Eric Harness
  • City/State:
  • Oceanside, CA
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