Next Level Rehab

Activity Based Therapy Center

Description of who we are:

Next Level Rehab is a rehabilitation and wellness services provider focusing on improving personal mobility and quality of life using an Indego exoskeleton. Traditionally, exoskeletons are only used in the hospital or rehabilitation setting. Next Level Rehab is different. A Doctor of Physical Therapy works with clients in their homes and in the community, where life really happens.


In addition to rehabilitation and wellness, Next Level Rehab provides screening and support services to help clients obtain the Indego Personal exoskeleton. The Indego Personal exoskeleton is available for purchase or can be acquired at no cost by medically eligible Veterans or individuals with Workers’ Compensation benefits who have a spinal cord injury at level T3 or below. If you or a family member are interested in this service, please visit to schedule a free phone consultation to determine eligibility.


Clinical research shows that a person with a spinal cord injury can experience the following benefits from using an exoskeleton:

  • Improvements to spasticity
  • Improved bowel and bladder function
  • Improved heart and lung function
  • Improved body composition and muscle mass.
  • Decreased pain
  • Improved sleep, self-esteem, and quality of life.

Next Level Rehab offers four services:

  1. Rehabilitation services – Helps people who can walk but have lingering mobility deficits improve gait, endurance, and personal mobility after discharging home from the hospital or rehab setting. Next Level Rehab’s objective is to become the next step in the recovery journey to ensure that progress continues moving forward when returning home from the hospital.

  2. Wellness services – Offers upright mobility and exercise to people unable to stand and walk due to paralysis or muscle weakness. 
  3. Evaluation and training for the Indego Personal exoskeleton – Veterans and individuals with Workers’ Compensation benefits who have an SCI at T3 and below can get the Indego and training at no cost. 
  4. Special event servicesWould you like to walk at an upcoming special event? Perhaps a wedding, graduation, award ceremony, corporate event, etc. Maybe a walk through the park? Next Level Rehab will bring the exoskeleton to you to help you walk during an important event. We can travel to most locations in the US to make this possible.
  • Contact:
  • Robert McCloskey
  • Address:
  • Asheville, NC; we serve the Western North Carolina region
  • City/State:
  • Asheville, NC