The 34 Project

Activity Based Therapy Center

About The 34 Project 

The 34 Project seeks to maximize the potential for each individual living with spinal cord injures and other neurological disorders by utilizing strategic exercises and providing the proper stimulation for an optimal functional outcome. In order to deliver the best functional rehabilitation possible below the level of damage, The 34 Project strategically incorporates balance, proprioception, and weight-bearing in multi-joint movement patterns.

The best kind of healing emerges from combining exercise knowledge and inventive training with the notion that there are no limits and only possibilities. All while applying cutting-edge post-traditional exercise-based rehabilitation strategies to aid in that recuperation. Individuals and their families who suffer from or care for those with neurological disorders can receive the most up-to-date information and training through the 34 Project.

  • Contact:
  • Hudson Haws
  • Address:
  • 3818 N Rockwell
  • City/State:
  • Bethany, OK
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